Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs


Documentary / Drama / War

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 339

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Mandy Patinkin as Self - Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mauri-laihorinne 10 / 10

Best of cia

This has to be the most definitive document about CIA. Instead of following the route of endless criticism (and there is a lot available), the filmmakers let the CIA directors speak. And they do it with with candidness. Only very experienced interwievers can do this. We can probably never get any nearer to the most secretive organisation in the world. It shows CIAs job and position being very difficult. And it surely is. How can you stop violence and threat of violence in the world? With compassion? No. With violence? It only begets more violence. It would be very good If Americans and other nations finally realised that you can't win an ideologue or religion by destroying it's supporters. It only feeds more extremists. After AL gaida came Isis. And what is next? Highly recommended.

Reviewed by vneverexceed 10 / 10

A Must Watch.......

This two hour program gives the viewer a fascinating insight into the CIA and in particular the ex Directors of the agency. They discuss operations and decision making in a surprisingly candid manner.

These are the folks that are doing their best to keep the USA safe. In my opinion every American needs to watch and understand the challenges they have had and indeed currently have as an Agency.

Reviewed by FilmCuckoo 1 / 10

How to Attempt to Justify Torture and Crimes Against Humanity

This "documentary" looks and sounds like exactly what it is: A poorly disguised propaganda film, with only one purpose in mind: To provide justification for torture and other crimes against humanity and all the crimes committed by CIA and other US government agencies in their war against terrorism. We are having to put almost two hours to watch CIA employees one after another providing various excuses trying (mostly in vain) to provide justification, that there is nothing wrong in torture - or that there is nothing wrong with killing few thousand innocent civilians in a drone attacks, where both the decision maker and the button pusher are, what you could only call as "soccer moms", who are quite clearly obviously indifferent and unemphatic, with a certain type of ignorance and arrogance added for a good measure. Watching these people say on screen that there is nothing wrong with what they did makes this "documentary" an unbearable experience to watch. This is so blatantly fascist and evil in nature, that you can only wonder what happened to the idea of human rights in USA?

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