So Long, My Son

2019 [CHINESE]


IMDb Rating 7.7 10 3114

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by liuruiorp 9 / 10

A dreamy observation of a changing nation

In very many ways this film is almost a reboot of Zhang Yimou's film To Live, from 1994, which tells the many trials and tribulations of a family from the founding of the People's Republic in 1949 to the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976. So Long My Son picks up that chronological baton, and tells a story about family bonds, the meaning of friendship and what constitutes our morals and ethics through the last 30/40 years of Chinese history, from a stilted, materially basic time of 1980 through to the hypermodernity of China in the 2010s.

In the same way To Live aimed thinly disguised critiques at the Chinese government's policies through showing its impact on ordinary people, So Long My Son fires a number of shots too and it's in fact a little surprising to me some of these have been overlooked by the censors. The most obvious of them is the criticism of the one child policy, but hidden in there too are mentions of the privatisation of state owned industries in the early 90s and the mass redundancies that went with them, as well as criticism of the wealth inequality of modern China that has ensued from the market economy transition of the 80s and 90s.

I'm unsure if this was a problem specific to the release version I saw, though I have seen other reviews saying the plot was hard to follow, but I noticed that the English subtitles was often only translating about 1/5 of the dialogue in Mandarin. As a speaker of both, I followed the plot and characters quite easily, but can absolutely understand why many reviewers and comments have said they found the characters and plots hard to distinguish if the subtitling was a problem. However, with one eye on the subtitles, I think the fact they were missing a lot of the Mandarin dialogue would have created a really dreamy plotline that complements well the cinematographic style deployed - long panoramic shots that suddenly cut into a character's perspective; languid sequences that soak in the environment; and shots designed to make the audience feel voyeurs in a private situation.

Reviewed by Turin_Horse 4 / 10

Attempts much, achieves little, it is extremely messy, and in the end it just turns out to be sort of a feelgood movie

You watch the first hour of the film... and you will have understood absolutely nothing, you will just be puzzled by dozens of flashbacks and flash-forwards and mostly cryptic scenes with personages in different times and places including changed actors occasionally... You are lost. On the other hand, either the meaning of words such as "brother", "sister", "aunt", "uncle", etc. is completely different in Chinese than in other languages or the subtitles are wrong all throughout the film.

Then you go back scene by scene and (recommended) note down the name of each character, the aproximate year in which the scene takes place, and the kinship relations between all the personages... and you may start grasping a little of what is all about.

Ok, so you start understanding something after aproximately 80 minutes into the film (provided you did what I recommended before). Then, a new subplot arises, the pregnancy of one of the personages by another one... given who they are, what they look like at the time of the incident, and the past and present circumstances in which this happens this may be one of the most ridiculous, unbelievable and incongruous stories ever told on a screen.

As we move into the third hour of the film please prepare your handkerchief or lots of tissue paper. But do not worry that much, in the end everything will fit into place, happy ending for everybody, and we learn that every one of the personages acted righteously from the beginning even without others knowing about it.

So, cut some 70-80 minutes of footage, modify the script and the editing so that the whole story can be minimally comprehensible, and delete the whole senseless and badly-timed story of the pregnancy... and you may get a passable film with some socio historical interest.

Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson 7 / 10

Subtle and moving

An immense emotional masterpiece with intellectual vibrations which invites the audience, through the crossed gaze of several Chinese families, to question the universality of the feeling of filiation and the meaning of existence. A magisterial and bitter melodrama. 7/8 of 10.

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