Shawn Mendes: In Wonder


Documentary / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 1564

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Shawn Mendes as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lmkixx 3 / 10

Not much here

This was an unfocused documentary in my opinion. I expected more than this. Wasn't about Mendes' childhood, not much on his family or inspiration. Nothing in depth on any of his relationships or inner thoughts. Just some repetitive concert clips, a visit home and a vocal injury and it's effect on a concert. Maybe they should have just done a concert documentary because this wasn't that interesting. It needed some realness, some insights into his character or something.

Reviewed by thefendiprint 2 / 10

The 10 star ratings are clearly diehard fans

I went into this not particularly caring for Shawn but I do also like a few of his songs so I said why not. Unfortunately like many other reviewers have mentioned, this doc has no real focus, plot or point. It wants you to think we are seeing deep inside who Shawn is, how he got to where he is, raw emotions, the usual documentary/biopic storyline etc etc. However, this is almost nothing of the sort. Sure there are scenes of the tour, and there are scenes of him recording. But all that's actually here for display is your "average" boring straight white male privilege. It doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of who really IS Shawn Mendes. I feel like I know just as much about him as I did before and that's not a very good thing is it?

Now, does that make him a bad guy? Not at all. But that doesn't mean you need a feature documentary when you have nothing to show or talk about. I should feel engaged, not bored out of my mind. There is nothing deep here at all, and it is probably one of the most shallow and pointless docs I've seen. Skip this unless you are a diehard fan, because you quite literally won't miss anything.

Reviewed by mariiroma 1 / 10

Boring, dull

This boy is the definition of the white male privilege, he's so dull and boring and I don't know how he's filling stadiums. The documentary could have explained how he got there, which is what I was really expecting, but instead decided to be a documentary about nothing! There is no message! No story! Congratulations to those involved for filling so much time with so little content, that's a real talent.

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