Screen Two The Snapper


Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 5606

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Brendan Gleeson as Lester
Colm Meaney as Dessie Curley - Rabbitte
Cathy Belton as Desk Nurse
Stanley Townsend as Anaesthetist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lafftur-3 7 / 10

Sweet and touching, and kinda nutty

"Sequel" to The Commitments in that it follows some of the same characters (as does The Van that follows it), The Snapper is just the cure you might need for Angela's Ashes -- a portrayal of an Irish family that is kooky enough to be interesting, not drowning in abject poverty, and deeply caring for one another. The Curleys are a tad eccentric -- younger brother obsessed with bicycling, a younger sister who paints her face with shaving foam and costumes herself to pretend she is a marching band leader, middle sibs pushing the envelope at every chance -- and eldest sister Sharon, suddenly pregnant and refusing to disclose the name of the father. (pardon the pun.) Ballykissangel fans will recognise this actress as Niahm, the Garda's wife. Colm Meaney gives a beautiful performance as Desi Curley, the dad by turn bewildered and outraged then growing in his acceptance and excitement in the impending appearance of Sharon's baby -- the eponymous little "snapper". Brendan Gleeson also appears as one of Desi's pub chums, with a deft portrayal of a shy and lonely man.

One of my favorite aspects of this film is its un-Hollywood-ness -- everyone looks real. There is no slick, too-pretty feel to this movie. The dialogue is quick, thick with dialect (so listen closely, get the sounds in your ear, or you might miss some fun exchanges!) and funny enough to be real and real enough to be moving. If there is a message to this story (and I think there is!) it might be, "If we love each other, it really will all be ok." I find it to be a touching and uplifting movie.

Reviewed by rodnie 9 / 10

Best Irish Comedy Film

This film is 'deadly'. Colm Meaney was made for the role of the lower class 'Barrytown' Da. Its full of witty dialogue and mad characters. The Commitments comes nowhere near this little gem. Its not surprising that some of the American reviewers were not impressed and called it a depressing film as appposed to a comedy, they probably couldn't understand what was being said or the sheer sarcasm of the characters lines. The fact is that Sharon Curly doesn't really deserve much sympathy, so its also comical how things go so bad on her. Everybody around the world should see this film to garner an opinion.

Reviewed by 4ize 10 / 10

a rarity - a working-class movie

Sweet, touching but also bawdy tale of a working-class Irish family's reaction to their unmarried daughter's pregnancy. The father character is especially interesting. He takes great pride in his family, with all its imperfections. He tenderly cares for his daughter through her ordeal and holds his head high despite the neighbors' petty gossip. A real "family values" film depicting people of modest means trying to stick together.

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