Satan's Children



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 390

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

A nicely sick and sleazy piece of low-budget Southern-fried Satanic trash

Unhappy and discontent suburban teen Bobby (expertly played to the obnoxious hilt by Stephen White) lives in abject misery in the Florida suburbs. He's relentlessly browbeaten by his overbearing stepfather (a marvelously hateful Eldon Macham) and equally nasty shamelessly flirtatious tease of an older step sister (a perfectly bitchy Joyce Molloy). Fed up with all this abuse, Bobby runs away from home and winds up being savagely sodomized by a gang of greasy gay guys. The evil homosexuals leave Bobby clad solely in his underwear on the side of the road. Luckily for Bobby he's saved by a nearby Satanic cult. Attractive lady cult member Sherry (the luscious Kathleen Archer) gets the hots for Bobby, but cult leader Simon (superbly essayed with mucho suavely slimy aplomb by Robert C. Ray II) thinks Bobby is too much of a weak, passive wimp to cut it as a worthy member of the cult. So Bobby escapes from the cult's dangerous clutches (killing four guards in the process) and exacts a harsh revenge on his stepfather, step sister and the foul gay goons who brutally raped him in order to prove he's got the right tough stuff to qualify as a soldier in Lucifer's army.

"Satan's Children" is a sensationally sick, twisted and depraved doozy of a low-budget 70's drive-in horror flick. Writer/director Joe Wiezycki relates the deranged story in a tight, snappy, straightforward manner that ensures that there's never any dreary lulls to speak of. The stark, no-frills style of the picture, best epitomized by John "Mak" Makinen's plain, grainy photography and Ray Fletcher's odd, spare, droning score, adds an immediacy to the warped proceedings that's both skin-crawlingly creepy and strangely compelling in comparable measure. The final image in this film is very scary and disturbing, concluding things on a shockingly nihilistic note that the Devil himself would approve of. Those fine freaky folks at Something Weird Video offer this hardcore ferocious piece of deviant Southern-fried sleaze on an ideal DVD double bill with William Girdler's laughably lousy debut feature "Asylum of Satan."

Reviewed by ethylester 9 / 10

unforgettable and strange

I can't decide if this movie is really homophobic or if it's just toying with the idea innocently. In either case, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie because it was so unlike anything I've ever seen. I loved the weird looking people who star in this, especially the main guy Bobby. He's a red haired skinny kid who looks like he should be in a 70's stoner band. His step sister looks like a cartoon character. Sherry has strange teeth and a evil glare that reminds me of a girl I knew in kindergarten.

I liked how Bobby runs around in whitey tighties the whole time. It's about time that I see some hot boy bods in horror movies. It's always hot girls, but never hot guys. His make out scene with Sherry had some major French kissing going on. I loved his angry looks at the camera, and I really loved the shots of him smiling devilishly at the end. He's a charming kid. I don't know why, but you end up really loving this guy.

The movie has a gang rape scene with all guys (victim and gang) in a car and it's quite disturbing. The relationship between Bobby and his step sister is really interesting. She manipulates him way too much and almost gets him in trouble for having weed. That's where he draws the line, and he storms out of the house.

I thought the ant torture was hard to take because they were really pouring gross stuff all over that girl's head as she was buried in the dirt. Made me feel suffocated.

Best scene though - the quicksand! Looked like very watery cement with some soap suds. What a great way to kill off the enemy!

I really dug this movie, mainly because the main actor is so weird looking and mysterious, you can't help but feel very attracted to him, even though he runs into some really bad luck. He really makes the movie. I gave this movie 9/10. It's so much better than people on here are saying!!!

Reviewed by candhboards 8 / 10

Good god!

Geez this movie is freaking weird haha! The kids step sister is nuts! What a fruit! The asasult scene in the car is really weird but for some reason it's oddly funny with how ridiculous and odd it is. I kept saying wtf! It's a weird movie and plot wise it's pretty basic, but in a really weird idk what to think kind of way.

Kid has to deal with his overtly sexually charged creepy step sister and completely oblivious step dad. Both of which aggravated the crap out of me. Kid runs away after the step sister planted a bag of marijuana in his room so she could get him in trouble with the step dad? I think?

He storms out of the house, gets raped by a bunch of older Dudes and is dumped on the side of a fence in an open field. A group of satanic young hippies find him as there playing a really exciting game of catch? Idk what else they would be playing... They take him to there house in the middle of the woods and the leader of the group is a woman who apperently falls in love with the kid at first glance, they have sex and then later the real leader shows up at the house, unbeknownst to the girl (who I assume thought the leader was dead, so she took it apon herself to become a new leader).

Well he quickly puts her in her place by having his minions bury her neck deep in a pit and covering her with syrup that attracts ants. Ok, so they now want to capture the kid, but he escapes so some of the minions chase after him and they end up dying in funny ways. He escapes and goes home. Once he arrived back home covered in mud he bashes the step dad on the head with a glass bottle and kidnapped the creepy step sister.

He takes a shot gun, goes to his rapists house and blows them all away. He then chops there bodies up. He drives back to the satanists house and presents the leader with the dismembered limbs of his rapists. And of course, the creepy girl, who then gets crucified.

It's a very strange exploitation film. The one thing I found really odd was how anti gay the satanic sect was. I guess these satanists could at least agree with some Christian's on one thing lol.

If you want to be weirded out then I recommend it. If you don't like cheesy exploitation rape revenge type movies I don't think you'd like it.

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