Samurai Saga


Action / Drama

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Toshirô Mifune as Heihachiro Komaki
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jason-38 9 / 10

Cyrano de Berjerac as a Samurai movie

Yes, it works! With Toshiro Mifune at his magnificent best it works remarkably well. Edmund Rostand's Cyrano was translated into Japanese early in its life. Consequently, it became a part of Japanese culture. That means that the more the Japanese sample and absorb from other cultures, the more fundamentally Japanese they become.

Toshiro Mifune is totally original and compelling as the Cyrano character. No, his nose does not proceed him by a quarter hour, like Rostand's French original. In Japan, large noses are relatively flat and spread out across the face. This Cyrano writes haiku and duels in classic Samurai style. Mifune is scruffy, earthy and throroughly engaging.

Some understandable liberties have been taken with Rostand's plot in order to make it consistent with Japanese culture. However, the climax remains absolutely consistent. It is as deeply felt and as moving as any Cyrano you will ever see. It is set in a a walled cherry orchard. As Mifune is dying, the cherry blossoms fall like snowflakes. Cyrano's dying words, "I fight on...", need no translation.

For fans of Cyrano; or Toshiro Mifune; or Samurai films; or great romantic stories; or even if you've never particularly liked any of them, this is one you don't want to miss.

Reviewed by lastliberal 8 / 10

There are a thousand of you. But I fight alone.

Three Samurai: Heihachiro Komaki (Toshirô Mifune), Jutaro (Jurota) Karibe (Akira Takarada), and Akaboshi (Akihiko Hirata), all in love with the same woman: Lady Ochii aka Princess Chiyo (Yôko Tsukasa).

Komaki is a Japanese version of Cyrano. he has a big nose and knows that no woman would approach him, so he becomes the clown. Jurota is the one who the Princess loves, and, as a childhood friend of Komaki, asks him to protect her love. Akaboshi is in the shadows just hoping for a chance.

It is 1621 and a great war occurs. During the war Komaki writes many letters in Jurota's name. Jurota doesn't survive and Komaki goes into hiding as the Shogun never rests and continues to seek out his enemies - even 10 years later. Akaboshi is determined to remove the one remaining rival for his love and is a spy for the Shogun.

Mifune is spectacular in a beautifully done remake of Cyrano that has all the great elements of a Japanese movie. There are many fights, and a great battle, but there is no blood, as this is a love story. It is beautiful.

Reviewed by jowoosta 8 / 10

Mifune steals the show

I really enjoyed this movie. Mifune (as Heihachiro) is a powerhouse throughout the movie in the lead role and has remarkable presence in all of his scenes. The first part of the movie is a little slow, but the movie begins to pick up half way through as the relationship between Heihachiro and Jutaro (Akira Takarada) develops.

There are some great moments you don't want to miss, especially the scenes between Mifune and Yôko Tsukasa. In one particular scene, he is covertly expressing his feelings for Lady Ochii, and it is extremely powerful. This is a solid overall Samurai flick, although it is a little light on the action and heavier on story.

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