Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drewhope-80861 1 / 10

Fake Amazon ratings fooled me too

How can I describe this almost pathetic attempt of a film well firstly I was ripped off by the Amazon ratings clearly done by the people involved with the project, but the good news is the IMDb users are right on the mark with the rating although I think 3.6 is way to kind for this garbage. The whole story was a joke quite honestly wait I mean the no story was quite funny actually! The ending was poorly done and I feel sorry for the actors who agreed to even be in this I am sure they can recover but man what a turkey of a film to be in.

Reviewed by stephenw-30180 1 / 10

Simply awful

I had awaited the release of this film for some time as some severely misguided people wrote very positive things about its premier some time ago...

I just had the chance (wish I didn't) to view it. As I will usually state when a film is really bad to absolutely terrible, I preemptively will say "I won't write much about this film".....,and I'm sticking by that self imposed rule.

Let me not bore you with the hum-Drum details of the "Plot"? of this film as there really was none. It was a mishmash of one dull scene to the next. To call this a thriller is not only wrong, is egregiously misleading. This was more of a first year film student attempt at a comedy/Drama. There was not one single scene that was thrilling.

1. Acting horrible 2. Direction horrible 3. Story line made no sense 4. Cinematography and lighting off! 5. Not a single redeeming moment during the 87 minutes.

I was not a fan of the Directors first film "Misogynist" but thought I would give him another shot. Wow, what a stinker!

Do yourself a favor, go get a root canal or pull your toe nails out with a pliers. It would be more thrilling.

Reviewed by mikeswain-05394 1 / 10

The worst movie you will ever see

This was basically a student movie had no depth in story the director should quit ASAP and his cast run from any production like this. It's bad all the way no good qualities in any way, the acting was more wooden than my chest of draws and that's wooden. I need to have a drink to get over this attempt of a film. The best part was when I called Amazon and said the movie was playing up as the sound was dreadful. Luckily I watched it for free but my time is more precious to me than watching paint dry.

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