Ready for War


Action / Crime / Documentary / War

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 137

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aubie84 6 / 10

Blind Spin On A Few- Half The Picture- Lots left out...

On surface, it seems like How could they send a vet back / deport them? But they are a very few as most have legally 8 years to nationalize and become a US citizen. And 95% of vets in this scene- do so. The problem with this doc is they don't show the other side. These are a small fraction who have all admitted that they have returned to crime, made mistakes legally, and are caught in the system... it's about crime and wanting exception for crime because they served in military. If you are ambitious and want to add value to a built society- then there are ways for you in the US. If you are a slacker, undriven, a drain, and only want to take from an advanced society- then No, that's not what US is about. And legal citizens flip the tax bill so that's why people get mad about opening the floodgates to immigrants who just 'want'- but aren't willing to 'give' by registering legally, paying taxes and sharing the load. Military? Paid by US Tax paying citizens. Hospitals, treatment, and Vet benefits?-Again paid by US Tax paying citizens. Every year, 300,000 unregistered immigrants cross into California... Don't pay taxes- and they wonder why State has gone broke/ bankrupt? Why cost of living is sky high? There are proper channels to be a US citizen- doing drugs and becoming hit men are not the way. But I do believe Military service should be weighed considerably in these men's cases-

Reviewed by grantonearth 1 / 10

Propaganda Machine

A "Documentary" about Illegals (technically a criminal) who join the US armed forces, fail to become a citizen within 8 years even though approval is guaranteed while they serve, then leave the service and become criminals (or continue to be criminals) get caught and get deported...then act like victims.

Reviewed by michaelalsop-22458 7 / 10

US War Vets or Deportees? Both

These men fought on behalf of the United States, so when do they become worthy of not being deported? When they raise their hand and swear to protect us? Upon graduation from basic training? The first time they wear the uniform? When the get on a plane with Americans and fly to a war zone? Their first combat mission? After their first deployment? After two? Ever? I fought in Afghanistan and Iraq with guys from Mexico and Belize, and they were just as much my brothers as anyone else born in KS. If they were killed, we draped an American flag over them and said goodbye. But if they survive we might deport them? Important message that hopefully brings change.

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