Presumed Dead


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 11%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 222

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Sherilyn Fenn as Detective Mary Anne Cooper
Pascale Hutton as C.C. Woodruff
Jay Brazeau as Prof. Dunnigan
Duncan Regehr as Seth Harmon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephenabell 6 / 10

An Intricate Mystery Film Worth A Watch.

After the death of her police officer husband Detective Mary Ann Cooper - "Coop" - (Fenn) is reluctant to take leave and throws herself into her work, much to the distress of her young daughter. On the night of her husband's death, he was called out to a domestic disturbance at a local writer's home. Sharing his thoughts about the man and the situation with Coop, she is left with the impression that the writer is not to be trusted. So when she hears about a possible murder at the house she rushes to the crime scene and inserts herself into the case. This is where the twists and turns begin.

This is a very clever mystery tale. However, there are times when it feels as though the writer, Lindsay James (Keith Shaw) struggles with some of the plot twists and their culmination. Which is a shame as it adds a sloppiness to the project. Though the courtroom scene is very well structured as you get to see how a writers mind can rework the facts to meet a different scenario. Loved this section of the story. Then you get the ending which feels rushed and spoils the mood and aura of the film.

The director, George Mendeluk, is adept at creating atmosphere, though a little more tension at times wouldn't have gone amiss. Also, a change of pace would have been good. There are a couple of scenes that would have improved from a different approach, especially the two in the woods.

I liked Fenn as the cop on a mission, she did well in portraying her. Fenn has had a lot of hits and misses in her career, this one is a hit. The rest of the cast also do a good job with their characterisations. Though, I wouldn't have chosen Regehr to play the writer, Seth Harmon. This character calls for a cool and cocky air to him, Regehr gets nowhere near to these traits. Then when he starts to break, Regehr struggles with pulling off this psychological side. Though, this could be what the director envisioned and asked for. However, I cannot help but think how much better the film would have been with a stronger bad guy.

This is a movie I'd recommend all mystery and thriller fans and whodunnit pundits to watch, at least once. Once the plot twists have been exposed then the power of the film has been expunged.

Reviewed by ovaga1 8 / 10

A female homicide detective faces political opposition, and confronts

If you love a surprising twist at the end of a movie-this is it! Twist, upon twist, upon twist. The flashbacks and use of color are inventive and creative. They help the story. Does art imitate art, or vice versa? This is what the film seems to explore: the theme that sometimes creative individuals turn to crime and violence if they do not get the opportunity to express themselves, or if their creativity is suppressed-as in the case of Jack The Ripper, or Adolf Hitler. Filmically, the black and white flashbacks seem to represent what really happened, and the more colorful ones seem to be from the accused killer's point of view. It's good to see Sherilyn Fenn again. She is credible as a cop and a single mom wrestling to solve a case of murder with a misogynist as the accused, as well as heal herself from the tragic death of her husband.The credit sequence sets up the plot, which is interesting. The music is haunting. And the directing even and sure handed. The end is definitely a surprise!

Reviewed by terirec 10 / 10

Presumed Dead

Presumed Dead starred Actor Duncan Regehr as crime-writer Seth Harmon.In the opening scene Seth was seen chasing after Paige with a bloody kitchen knife. Then Seth was charged with Paige's murder by Detectives, Seth testified in his own defense and was found innocent. Paige was actually being hidden in the woods by Seth, his chauffeur Tyson and a hunter, The detective who believed that Seth had been guilty didn't give up trying to prove his guilt. Paige confides in one of the Detectives named Maryanne that Seth had killed her mother, and that Paige had actually written a book that Seth took the credit for. It was presumed that Paige was dead so I believe that the title fits,

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