Peacock King

1988 [CN]

Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 283

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Chia-Hui Liu as Kubira
Biao Yuen as Kôngquè
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ebiros2 8 / 10

Best collaboration between HK and Japanese cinema

This was one movie where acting of Hong Kong actors and Japanese actors interaction went extremely smooth. Usually in HK movie made in Japan have HK actor doing lion share of the dialog, and Japanese actors are relegated to small roles where they speak only few simple Japanese words. Not this movie. It's amazing that the actors just went playing their role as if it was done in their native language, and somehow it all looked natural.

When you look at this movie its really difficult to tell who's the Japanese actor and who's from Hong Kong. Genetically, all Asians must be pretty close to one another.

In Cantonese version Yuen Bao is the main character, but in the Japanese version Hiroshi Mikami is the main character. They wrote the script very cleverly that the two characters are interchangeable.

Based on a comic by Makoto Ogino, Peacock King, or Kujyaku Oo is a good translation of the original comic into a movie. The original comic's ordinary person, or situation suddenly morphing into a demonic entity is also translated well into this movie.

I liked Narumi Yasuda's acting as a department worker suddenly finding herself embroiled in the world of Vajirayana Buddhism vs demons of the underworld.

World looked really peaceful and healthy in Japan around the time this movie was made. It truly was the best of times.

Really well made movie of its kind. It's a treat to watch.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 8 / 10

A great deal of fun in a pre CGI way

Manga based Chinese film about two men, Lucky Fruit and Peacock who are the only two people who stand between humanity and the resurrection of the Hell King by the evil Raga and the daughter of the Hell King.

Old school action fantasy horror film mixes stop motion, forced perspective, wires, rubber and other non computer effects for use in a slam bang fantasy film. This is a movie that just starts and goes and never worries about all the details, it just pulls you along like a crazy friend who has this idea of how to do a road trip. It may not be the perfect road trip but you can't say you're not having fun. With Monsters that run the gamut from something from John Carpenter's The Thing to Korda's Thief of Bagdad to Krull to schlocky 1980's glowing eyes horror films this movie is a great deal of fun for people who don't mind less then perfect monsters. The martial arts sequences are well done even when they sprinkle in magical aide. Best of all are the characters who seem to all belong together and who banter about with a nice level of wittiness that doesn't fall into cliché or stupidity.

I just really like this movie in a rainy afternoon popcorn sort of way. How good is it? I'm thinking of replacing my perfectly fine dollar VCD with a more expensive DVD copy so I can have more options where I watch this.

Worth a bowl of popcorn and a soda.

Reviewed by phillip-58 7 / 10

Underrated fantasy film

A lot of people seem to misunderstand this type of film. It is fantasy, based on a famous Japanese Manga and various Japanese legends. It was very popular in Japan (making a huge star of Gloria Yip in this her first film), average in HK and poorly received in the rest of the world. Glad as I am to see it in such a good print I was surprised HK Legends released this film above others (like Pedicab Driver, still not released). It is not a straight kung fu film and to expect protracted one on one human fight scenes is to miss the point of such a film. Enjoy it for what it is, fantasy with reasonable (for the time) special effects and Yuen Biao as an actor.

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