One Summer Night


Action / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5 10 26

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bilfil-68479 1 / 10

lame, unoriginal

One summer night................they made a lousy movie!!! ok..ok smart guy....go ahead and watch it!! i hope you are only 13 years old.

Reviewed by cruzarts-73946 2 / 10

Lacks an objective eye and drags drags drags

Connor Keesling wrote, directs and stars in this two-person opus that drags on for 2-1/2 hours.

The story takes place over one evening, is very talky and reveals two very unremarkable characters. Keesling isn't equipped with the self-awareness to draw a performance from himself that a director might have.

Keesling's vocal delivery is mumbling, nasal and whining. Julia Dent, Keesling's co-star, is likely unremarkable. As presented in this film, she would be difficult to describe in a way that someone would be able to find her in a lunchtime restaurant dining room. They're both studies in plainness.

Both keesling and Dent have several short film credits, which begs the issue of why this film runs so long and lacks any sense of economy or strategic editing.

It's a remarkable flexion of ego on Keesling's part to subject viewers to a project for which he is totally responsible, from concept to execution. He doesn't risk anything in this film, but he indulges himself to what seems like a rude degree.

Reviewed by nicholaswatson1994 10 / 10


I had the pleasure of working with Conner Keesling on this film so I may be a little biased. But what drew me to the project is that the script is so relatable. Not just as a coming-of-age recent high school grad but also managing my fears and challenges of dealing with my past relationships and experiences. As an outsider looking in, I am still a huge fan of the work and would be regardless of if I was involved or not.

One Summer Night is a beautifully character-driven story that deals with many not-so talked about themes in daily life. Although the style might not be for everyone, it is certainly a remarkable experience that will stick with you for weeks if given the chance.

Keesling and Dent did a wonderful job bringing out these real, complex characters. Their performances complimented each other and it was truly a pleasure to watch them work and capture their magic.

If you could, please give the film a watch and let us know what you think!

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