My Beautiful Laundrette


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 98%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 14426

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kahli Griffin 3 / 10

Not what I'd expected, nor what I'd hoped for.

This film feels kind of sloppily put together and not thoroughly explored in terms of characters, themes, cultures, etc. I found it difficult to follow, with characters flitting about, making odd decisions, and the repercussions being suggested rather than explored. I felt like the homosexual themes, and the cultural struggles weren't well explored, and therefore the movie ended up being rather meaningless.

Reviewed by bigverybadtom 3 / 10

A Washout

I saw the video in a library, and remembered the title from decades ago. So how good was the movie, and what was it supposed to be about? The description on the case made it sound intriguing.

And the movie actually started out interestingly enough. Omar is a teenager who is part of a family from Pakistan in the Margaret Thatcher era. He is told by his alcoholic former journalist father to get a job and off the dole before he goes to college. Omar works at washing cars for an uncle who is involved in criminal rackets, before said uncle has him managing a grimy, low-class laundromat. Finding a white childhood friend who had fallen in with racist unemployed street punks, Omar hires him to help with the laundromat, as well as protect him from local thugs. A new wrinkle occurs when Omar and his friend suddenly become gay lovers who do a lot of French kissing.

Presumably this was meant to be a social message movie, but a contrived storyline and characters we do not like or care about bring things down. The sudden emergence of the gay relationship is unconvincing and seems to have been put it for shock value rather than making a genuine point about homosexuality (some gay reviewers were unhappy with this movie). Also the uncle's success came from being in the rackets rather than hard work and diligence. Is the point of the movie that Pakistani immigrants are fundamentally crooked, or immigrants cannot make it in Britain through honest work? Nobody in this movie comes across in a good light-including the people who made the movie. How this movie has been well-regarded is anybody's guess.

Reviewed by meowk-04206 1 / 10

British bore

to be honest, i started watching this movie by chance. i found it very boring, dowdy, and fittingly dull. i didn't realize the men were lovers at first. That's not really the point, but i was intrigued by the their situation, and taboos. the Spanish girl daniel day lewis lover, wrote about the ethnic chip on omar's shoulder. i found her review interesting. it does sum up issues omar is dealing with. such as acculturation. though i do find his inability to adapt to either culture (according to her review) a personal problem, and decision. do you have to choose? is there an imposed division? yes. self imposed. she mentions looking down on poor whites, as his family of criminal immigrants have their own form of snobbery (her words) and apparently this "ethnic" issue colors his life. considering that he is sleeping with one of those poor whites. in addition to considering arranged marriage. above all the characters were not valuable. no matter how much $$$ omar & family have, he will never be white, or heterosexual. boo hoo. that should be okay. personal issues. with the themes of racism homosexuality and ethnicity, this movie should have been better. the only appeal here is the beauty of the 2 lead actors, and the ending, not their performance. i would pass on this one, but YOU wouldn't know that unless you see for yourself. i wouldn't recommend it, so i don't.

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