Monsieur Hire

1989 [FRENCH]

Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 5972

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cestmoi 10 / 10

A brilliant film of The Outsider, The Perversity of Love, Betrayal

Solid and perfectly paced camera work and direction, players of exquisite talent and nuance, make this Simenon novel a powerful film . The winsomeness and cunning of Bonnaire, one of France's great actresses as the love object; the fanatic and unsettling calm conviction of the police detective played by Andre Wilms; the furtiveness, loneliness, and longing of the brilliant Michel Blanc; and the cowardliness and thugness of Thullier, a man made to play the thug, combine to make both a believable tale and a great metaphor for our need for "the other." The Brahms loop in the vital scenes of longing are a masterful touch. A work of great competence, sensitivity, and truth. What is essential in the novel but too subtly hinted at in the film, is anti-semitism only suggested by the revealing of M. Hire's original family name in questioning by the detective. A truly great film.

Reviewed by anhedonia 10 / 10

Subtle, spellbinding, elegant movie


"I could have turned you in. I could have, you know," Alice tells Monsieur Hire, as she looks out from his apartment window from where he's spent months peeping into her bedroom.

"Yes, but you didn't," Hire points out.

Thus begins a spellbinding love affair.

Why doesn't Alice call the cops? Because, she says, Hire obviously is a nice person. Which surprises him, because all his neighbors view Hire as a creepy guy and are quite willing, much like the police, to believe he's responsible for the murder of a young woman in the neighborhood.

Patrice Leconte is a rare filmmaker. He's a master at crafting genuinely tense, intriguing moments out of mere subtleties. His films are so superbly character-driven without any of the artifice of many contemporary, or shall I say, Hollywood, films that we are drawn into their stories without realizing it.

In "Monsieur Hire," Leconte takes the story of a peeping tom and turns it into an unpretentious, gripping, sly romantic thriller. It initially reminded me of "The Cry of the Owl" (1987), but works on a much deeper, more human and satisfying level than Claude Chabrol's thriller.

Hire, brilliantly played by Michel Blanc, is a balding, lonely middle-aged introvert whose only sense of comfort comes from watching a beautiful young woman, Alice (a gorgeous Sandrine Bonnaire), through her bedroom window. But Alice finds herself strangely attracted to this recluse, though Leconte always keeps us wondering whether she has ulterior motives. After all, Hire certainly is not Alice's type. And is nothing like her fiancé, Emile.

In a mere 80 minutes or so, Leconte packs more suspense, intrigue and sensuality into his film than most two-hour thrillers. A scene involving Alice gently picking up tomatoes around Hire's feet and another at a boxing match are infinitely sexier than anything Paul Verhoeven, Adrian Lyne or countless other directors of "sexy thrillers" could have conjured up. And Leconte achieves this without any dialogue or even the slightest hint of nudity.

Elegant, smart, sophisticated and seductive, "Monsieur Hire" slowly creeps up on you and holds you in its web until its perfect conclusion. Then it haunts you for weeks.

I don't know whether only the French could make such a film. I know Hollywood never would. And American cinema is the worse for it.

Reviewed by benjones-11 9 / 10

Classic French cinema

Having read some of the negative reviews regarding this film, I think the first thing to make clear here is that there is no point in watching this film if your idea of a perfect movie is Jurassic Park or The Da Vinci Code.

This is a film that focuses not on the story itself, but more on the characters and the emotions that reside within them. The above mentioned films take an idea for a story (a dinosaur filled wildlife park or a mysterious religious secret) and then devise a plot which is by far and away beyond what would ever happen in the real world.

In contrast, Monsieur Hire takes a story in which very little happens: A man is suspected of a murder. The man is a reclusive misfit, devoid of charm or humour, but he harbours a love for a woman he has never even met: a woman he knows only through seeing her from his apartment window. Unlike the aforementioned films, the plot, from beginning to end, can be summarised within just a few sentences. But it is what is behind the plot which makes this movie incredible. It is the notion of love which drives the film.

The acting and directing show passion that is more intense and sexual than anything I have seen, yet it does so without even a hint of what you would expect from a film described as "intense" and "sexual". The intensity of the love shown by the protagonist is beyond anything that one would have seen before, and yet it is far from the purity that one would normally associate with such an emotion. Indeed, it is dark and tense, and due to the questionable character of its object, one is left in turmoil as to whether this love is to be admired, pitied or instead viewed as just desserts for a man of his nature.

Those who have scored this low on the basis that the characters do not conduct themselves in a "believable way" confound me. The whole point of a film is that it takes you away from the everyday scenario. Most movies show you fairly ordinary people involved in extraordinary stories. This one shows you extraordinary characters involved in a story which (in itself) is fairly ordinary. To score this low based on its plot is to criticise Opera for its storyline. The whole point of the opera is its music, and the whole point of this film is its incredible portrayal of emotion. Brilliantly acted, brilliantly directed, and this will haunt you for some time.

If you need your films to be Hollywood factory typecasts then don't watch this. You won't enjoy it. Go and rent out The Expendibles, and leave Monsieur Hire to those who appreciate art when they see it. I'm sorry if that sounds pretentious. I enjoy a cheesy Hollywood flick as much as the next person, but it's sad that there are people who can't see beyond Stephen Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis.

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