Marona's Fantastic Tale

2019 [FRENCH]

Animation / Drama / Family

IMDb Rating 7.5 10 651

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by serban_dobrinescu 9 / 10

About dogs and us

Heartfelt story about our lives through a puppy's eyes. If you love animals it is a must to see this animated film. Colourful and ingenious portrayal of human nature.

Reviewed by Pasky74 10 / 10

Pure magic and a feast for the eyes

Death and the hardship of life (above all abandonment) are the two main themes in Anca Damian's beautiful animated film. We follow Marona's solitude, from one home to another, told in voiceover. Marona's life is a tale, embellished by poetry and a generous philosophy. Anca Damian takes us in flashback in the spirit of Number Nine (her first name, as she was the last puppy to be born). Rejected by her purebred father because she was a bastard, she ends up in a trash can where she would have let herself die of despair if a pair of hands had not saved her and offered her to Manole, a tightrope walker and acrobat. This is the beginning of Marona's odyssey. From those hands to the next human (she does not say "master"), our heroine is tossed from one home to another, until a little girl names her Marona. Like the little girl, we get attached to this ball of black fur with big ears. Anyone who has had a pet (especially a dog) will find a piece of it in Marona. Each stage is underlined by its own graphic style. Marona's journey is a firework of colors, lines and sensual curves, due in particular to the expressionist visual contribution of Belgian comic book author, Brecht Evens. Over the course of her short life, Marona learns that happiness is only a fleeting moment. She therefore enjoys every second of it, which she puts in a box. Avoiding the pitfall of sentimentality, this little gem offers (in spite of the death that opens it) a real lesson in life and love. That love that Marona so generoulsy dispenses to all her "humans".

Reviewed by julianmarku 10 / 10

A visual delight for the eyes that expresses a story of love of dogs and humans

The movie is an absolute delight for the people who love animation and art. Every person is a caricature, a visual representation, a expression of emotion and character. I watched it twice because I wanted to see if I would notice what I missed after the first watch and it definitely has rewatchability. Anca Damian did a fantastic job with this movie, ever character has a recognizable style, theme and music that you would recognize when it appears. Marona is a true best friend of a dog born in a complicated human world, her experiences are lessons for humans and how small and petty our problems can be compared to others. To quote a very wise line from the movie: "Every time you fall, be thankful that it wasn't from a higher height." I feel like the movie avoided a lot of cliches and kept true to its realism and story till the end. Every character feels like a real human with real problems, and Marona has to learn to adapt and enjoy every moment of happiness like it was her last before it ends up in her box of memories. I wholeheartedly recommend this movie for families of all ages.

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