Man in Love

2014 [KOREAN]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 565

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drjlo 7 / 10

Classic Korean Formula

After seeing Jeong-min Hwang in the electrifying role in "New World," some people may be disappointed to see him act in this classic Korean love story which is proudly formulaic. The story has been done a million times before, and the script presents a series of rather predictable events along with often-used cliché's and emotional buttons.

Yet, once one gets past the cinematic mechanics, Hwang's magnetic acting pulls things together into an endearing, touching movie that belongs on a must-watch list for those who study Korean culture and its multitude of nuances. This is no eternal cinema, but like trickling light rain, the viewer is likely to find him/herself soaked with humanity by the end of movie.

Reviewed by KineticSeoul 5 / 10

Wasn't really effective despite the realistic take on it

I wanted to check this movie out because I thought it would have a similar vibe going like "My Dear Desperado". Which is a movie that I surprisingly ended up liking. This one was just disheartening and got sadder as the movie progressed. Mainly because I felt sorry for the female lead. The build up of the attraction between the thug and the female lead is pretty weak. It did have my attention when it came to the low life thug with somewhat of a conscience trying to win the heart of a girl that is in dept. But after that it just became a boring movie to sit through. With people bickering and fighting over money, the typical bleak Korean movie nonsense that doesn't really go anywhere. Sure it's to add to the impact of the ending, but everything just seemed so predictable. I just didn't find almost any of the characters to be likable. Watching this movie was like watching a more realistic version of one of those Korean drama about the bad boy falling for a good girl. Except for a movie that is 2 hours long, the male lead didn't stand out much and wasn't all that likable. I don't need to like the characters in a movie for the movie to be good. But the ending didn't that lasting effect. Mainly because the build up didn't have that exhilarating and quirky fun elements that could have boosted this movie. That would have made me care more about the leads and the situation. I wanted to really wanted to like this movie because of the premise but ended up not really liking it. I did have certain amount of sympathy and empathy towards the fictional character though.


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