Malasaña 32

2020 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 5.4 10 1865

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Javier Botet as Anciana / Administrador
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iamkrause 4 / 10

Woke Ghost

I really want to like a ghost movie. Any ghost movie. It seems like they should be scary, right? I mean, come on, it's about GHOSTS! But I've never seen a scary ghost movie. They're all the same. Boring people move into a crappy place, there's a ghost, doors slam, things move, it messes with the kids, random stranger provides exposition, random weirdo with psychic powers tries to help, ghost is gotten rid of (or is it?!?!), MAYBE someone dies. The End.

The acting in this is pretty good, at least as far as I can tell. Perhaps native speakers would know better than I if the Spanish cast was speaking like real Spaniards do. The sets were typical oldish looking interiors that were either too dark or unnaturally lit. They were fine. The scares were all of the jump variety, which means a loud noise jars you awake after being bored for several minutes. Rinse and repeat. The only good scare was in the film's trailer, always a good sign. *rolls eyes*

Gotta have a twist though, right? Ok, here ya go. The ghost was a dead trans-woman! For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a man in a dress. The man couldn't have a baby when "she" was alive, so "they" became a ghost and "zie" tried to steal the family's baby. This will probably get one of two reactions.

Reaction One: Stunning and brave! We're finally getting inclusive and diverse ghosts who prove that anyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, can be an annoying evil spirit who tries to kidnap innocent peoples' kids and ruin their lives. That's empowering!

Reaction Two: Problematic! Are they implying that ALL dead trans-people are annoying evil spirits who try to kidnap innocent peoples' kids and ruin their lives? That's RAY-CIST!!!

Oh, and then there's my reaction. Who cares? I'm so bored. I wish a ghost of any gender would have killed me before I watched this tripe. At least that would have been scary.

Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10

if you like...

Slow horror movies with lots of mindfull content, lingering around the predigital era of the 20th century spain, with a production design and well equiped and well maked up locations with very good darkfilming and well acted scary moments then its a recommend from the grumpy old man.

its well over american average horror flicks made lately so see this its creepy.

Reviewed by joseandresbriceno 6 / 10

Nothing special here...

Well, as horror movies fan, this movie is nothing special or original. At the beginning I got a feeling like it was some kind of a Spanish version of Poltergeist, however everything falls flat as it develops. I felt the story a little bit forced, and there really isn't enough time for you to care about the characters. Initially there is a lot of suspense, and there are some scary scenes where you can almost feel a terrifying atmosphere, but then it becomes way too repetitive and it takes a long time for something to actually happen. Compared to other Spanish horror movies, it's not very good. I would say it is almost a decent popcorn horror flick; I would recommend you to wait until you can watch it at home like on a Friday or Saturday night.


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