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Toni Collette as Anne Fredericks
Tom Hughes as Steven Fredericks
Harvey Keitel as Bob Fredericks
Rossy de Palma as Maria
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by palomaserranoyolivo 8 / 10

it happens everywhere...

I Truly loved this movie, it was just what it was, entertainment and in Mexico I did hear people laughing a lot...As a Mexican with lots of foreign friends, I could see the maid being herself and natural and not trying to fit or change her accent, not understanding when people jajaja or jojojo.. Tony Collete being the snob boss, that was once a simple golf teacher that got lucky and had it harder to climb the ladder and be accepted? is now jealous to see that her maid being herself, doesn't have it difficult to be liked and be loved... we can see this on the everyday life... be yourself and be accepted and people will hate you and be can have everything in life, even a house in Paris and a super toned body but you just don't inspire love...

But as the movie said... "people" want happy endings or at least closure or explanations... and even if they didn't stay together, why not saying what she told David?

She clearly didn't say she was the maid, I don't think he would have cared... she probably said she was a prostitute?

It teaches another lesson... don't treat servants like they don't exist, be aware and nice to everyone next to you... I think he didn't even see her in the last scene... and she lost all of her confidence by not saying something...

Ahhh so good but left me a bit sad and disappointed...

Reviewed by carolethecatlover 3 / 10

Fails at the final third.

Rossy de Palma, Toni Collette, Harvey Keitel, Paris....What could go wrong? Well, the story and the ending.

The first two-thirds are hilarious and set the scene (gorgeously) then it falls off a cliff, ceases to be a comedy or even a drama, and for the last third is in search of an ending. The final is unsatisfactory in every respect. This could have been great. What happened? Did somebody snatch the script out of the hands of the author/director and insist someone else write it? Whatever, it does not work. All the actors are brilliant, the Paris is a Paris unseen in previous films. The cinematography is wonderful. The story, like the curate's egg, is good in parts, the first parts...... I was in the 2nd audience to see this at the Sydney Film Festival and the director, Amanda Sthers, gave a Q and A in a charming French accent but she stated that is the ending she wanted. But there was a lot of justification. Coulda been a contender.

Reviewed by ngegir-96321 7 / 10

Do we really need another "Maid in Manhattan"?

I feel that 'Madame' needs a few words spoken in its defence.

Trying to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, this is a lovely, bitter-sweet little dramedy, unusual in its ending. And this latter element is precisely what is charming about it. It is not just another Disney-like, implausible, 'Cinderella' story of the type Hollywood throws up at us with admirable frequency. Though by far not a masterpiece, and in search of a character, being not quite a drama, nor quite a comedy, the ending makes it stand out.

In my view, the ending is perfect, precisely because it is more realistic, it feels more real. Characters who live in a false world (keeping thin by forcefully throwing up, or organising luxurious parties while being on the verge of bankruptcy) remain in their false world, continuing to suffer in their gilded cages. Is that not the perfect punishment? People who were always dignified, who had self-respect and a certain untouched morality, retain their dignity, their esteem in their own eyes and in the eyes of the audience. Is that not an effective ending? There is no necessity to always have the same reversal of roles, easily served and so easily digested, dispensed with and forgotten.

Every time a script goes out of the usual, overused Hollywood trope, audiences start to bitch and moan at how awful this is, how unsatisfied they are. I have a strong feeling, that if it had the ending everyone is so anxious for, these same people would say: 'Well, where's the novelty in that? We've seen that before'. Haven't we seen enough 'Maids in Manhattan'? Do we really need yet another fairly empty romance story with the usual players - the low-born or low-placed but (always!) beautiful girl, the quirky, but ridiculous best friend, the rich and powerful stud who crosses the social divide for love, etc? Such films are sweet, but outside their very narrow romantic premise, sweet as that may be, they say very little both about society, and about the people in it, their character, their self-perception, their understanding of the world around them. Madame has something to say about these things. It says these things with much less panache than 'Remains of the Day', but it is closer to the real world of today than other romantic comedies.

No, I do not consider 'Madame' a masterpiece. Nor do I feel it wants to be such. If its aims are modest, they are still interesting and valid, and if the satire and social commentary are modest, this does not make them necessarily more ineffective. Perhaps giving it a 7 is too henerous (or, depending on ones perspective and understanding, not generous enough). Yet I feel the ending does merit recognition, and if I gave the rest a six, the ending pulls in a star on its own.

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