Last Ghost Standing

1999 [CN]

Comedy / Horror / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 70

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coolestmovies 8 / 10

Not perfect, but better than some reviews would have you think...

Pseudo-gonzo horror-comedy isn't quite up to the bar set by last year's truly gonzo BIO- ZOMBIE, but does earn at least a couple of stripes for thinking outside the box in which Hong Kong genre outings have of late become increasingly confined. One the eve of its closure—indeed, on the eve of the millennium—the motley staff of an alluringly tattered old picture palace, tellingly located at 666 King's Road, must face off with a collection of delightfully, deliberately rinky-dink monsters unleashed by Satan (Francis Ng), who's grown tired of poor films and inattentive theatre owners and decides to put this little microcosm of oddballs to the test! Leading the charge, after dishy girlfriend Sherming Yiu is unpleasantly dispatched by the demon, is sheepish projectionist Simon Loui, jittery, goggle-eyed ticket vendor Wayne Lai (in a terrific performance) and sassy cop Pauline Suen. Meanwhile, chasing a turd monster (!) down the toilets in the upstairs washrooms are stoned rave punks Benny Chan, Angela Tong and Pinky Cheung. While allusions are frequently and rather obviously drawn to Lamberto Bava's DEMONS (1985) because of the locale and the trio of punks, the film's primary mainspring is very likely Peter Jackson's DEAD ALIVE (aka BRAINDEAD, 1992), from the emphatically saccharine romance between Simon and Sherming, to the squishy, rubbery, puppet-y quality of the shoestring special effects, to the blatant editing cheats that prolong some setpieces a bit beyond their sell-by date. To be sure, it's no DEAD ALIVE, but its makers have their hearts in the right place, and if their low-fi ingenuity won't stand up to careful appraisal, it isn't really meant to anyway: it's meant to wink at the audience along with the cast and crew, who clearly enjoyed being given free run of a theatre for a few days to craft something just a little bit...different.

Reviewed by OllieSuave-007 1 / 10

Oh, the horror in this movie!

This is a Hong Kong horror flick with an A-list cast. However, even the popularity in the cast of characters couldn't redeem for this low budget, cheesy and horrible of a film.

The premises on this flick is set on New Years Eve at a cinema where the forces of the ghost world wreck havoc, causing untold gore, bloodbath and nastiness.

There is really no plot to the film - just nasty stuff after nasty stuff that is supposedly to make this a good horror film. However, with no substance in the acting, storytelling and atmosphere, this film really stinks. It's definitely OK to pass on this.

Grade F

Reviewed by vonboise 4 / 10

Low budget....and it shows

This is a millennium, New Years Eve spoof, whose only value may be in offering insomniacs some relief. The special effects may have started out as a kindergarten project......possibly the worst I've even seen in a movie. There were a few funny (for those still awake) scenes, but were milked from a smile into a yawn. Guess this was necessary to come up with 85 minutes of film.

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