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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10

We may have a problem

A top secret government funded bio-printer can't make any money producing human body parts so the opt to make a least it's rubber head. Things go bad, people die in what is mostly three terrible actors on screen. The end credits (Congrats for making it that far) has outtakes which consists mostly of the actors forgetting their lines. Better than the main feature. Horrible movie not even worthy of SyFy/Asylum.

Technical issues: Dinosaurs are more related to birds than reptiles, so using a reptile model doesn't make any sense. You can not get a decent seal on a negative pressure respirator with facial hair. However in this case it really didn't matter because the budget didn't allow them to buy filters for the respirators, making them useless with a seal. If you are going to wear a Tyvex suit to protect you from chemicals, you really should have the feet in them. Why not mount cameras in the hanger with the T-Rex? Guide: 1 F-word. No sex or nudity. The killing is off screen.

Reviewed by featurecreatureshow 2 / 10

Does it suck? You bet Jurassic sucks!

Only way this T-rex is going to kill you is by boring you to death. The concept is interesting, 3-d printed dinosaurs but with how cheaply this movie was made I highly doubt they could have afforded an actual 3-d printer. Also the movie just ends, like build up to nothing, it tries to leave the audience asking for more when we're more than willing to say, "no thanks, I've seen more than enough..."

Reviewed by arpinnock 3 / 10

Killer t Rex cloned

This is a British flick that isn't actually that bad.

A top secret scientist clones a T-Rex with a 3d printer in controlled conditions and it kills some people.

Not a big cast, so don't go into this expecting a lot of action or seeing Rex much or blood

But, the script isn't bad, acting a bit shaky, effects are basic and photography actually quite good.

It kept me wanting to watch until the end and not turn off so that was plus.

The films starts well and then we get the credits.

Then it starts to get very slow.

It builds up eventually and the end is very abrupt.

The reporters accent seems to change in every scene and where a gun comes from in the UK and in this situation seems very out of place.

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