Killers on Parade


Action / Crime

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 203

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton 5 / 10

Today They'd Just Shout "Wake Up, Sheeple!"

The head of a major construction firm wants some one killed; price is no object. He contacts a hitman's (and hitwoman's) club, saying he wants the best. They argue over who that individual is. When they set up a challenge to determine the answer, outsider Yûsuke Kawazu inadvertently wins and gets the contract. However, he's distracted by having fallen in love with Shima Iwashita. Guess who the target is!

In between there are the usual eccentric hitmen (and hitwoman), bright colors and songs. Yes, this is Crime Musical, with ballads like "You're an Uptown Hitwoman and I'm a Downtown Hitman". At first it seems like an eccentric and frequently foolish burlesque of a popular form. However, I believe the film makers had a serious point.

This was the early 1960s, and young film makers were anti-industrial, anti-pollution, anti-corruption, all the hallmarks of the political/social/economic system that was propelling Japan from a post-War recovery into prosperity: in a word, Communist. Young film makers were decrying stodgy film makers like Kurosawa, even as he put subtext into YOJIMBO, and clear text into other movies. The corrupt businessmen who kill off inconvenient reporters, the corrupt editors who take money to kill embarrassing stories, while the audiences complacently watch meaningless musicals with songs about the glories of death-dealing... these were the targets of this satire.

The question then becomes not was this a meaningless artifact of pop culture, but how well it succeeded. Judging by the reviews I've seen, no one noticed. Everyone seems to have thought it was a silly thing. So I'd say it didn't have any effect and while we can enjoy the artistry, the serious message, the bones of the movie, the subtext, was wasted.

Reviewed by pscamp01 4 / 10

A Japanese Pop Art Artifact From the Early 60's

Jean-Luc Godard once described a Jerry Lewis movie as the "acme of stupidity." But that description might fit this movie better. Killer on Parade is a farce so broad that it cannot be called called a comedy, as it is so far from any human experience that there aren't any laughs in it. A spoof of gangster and spy movies, it is so absurd that it's closest analogy is the Batman television series that came a few years later, but only without that show's irony. The movie's plot (such as it is) is about a gang of assassins and the problems they encounter when an assignment they covet is assigned to another. Just describing the assassins can give an idea of how "wacky" this movie is: one is actually a doctor (who carries a black bag that helpfully has the English word Doctor stenciled on it), another is a former athlete who still wears his college football uniform, another is a country bumpkin who carries her pet goat, etc. It's hard to believe the studio thought any adults would be interested in this; it comes across like it was adapted from a bad grade school boy's manga. The only redeeming feature of this movie are its color scheme and sets; the cinematography is riot of color. But other than that, the movie is pretty much a waste of time.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 10 / 10

"A killers job is to kill,so he must do it right."

Recently seeing the superb 1972 Drama/Thriller The Rendezvous,I asked fellow IMDber ManFromPlanetX for recs of other Japanese films.Getting shown a sparkling still from the title by PlanetX,I got set to join the killers on parade.

View on the film:

Whirling Naozumi Yamamoto's bouncing Jazz score into the criss-cross singing of the opening credits, auteur director Masahiro Shinoda & cinematographer Masao Kosugi use the freedom from the Japan New Wave to frame each scene like a living Comic-Book, with Shinoda showing a masterful eye for using the edges of the frame to place the killers,and obscuring objects shaping the shots into Comic-Book panels. Giving each killer an extremely animated appearance, Shinoda and Kosugi cover them in lush Pop-Art colours which vividly draws the quirks,and the fumbling manner they each have.

Playing on the Spy and Crime genres, the screenplay by Shûji Terayama fires at both of them with a wickedly broad satirical Comedy,which smoothly links in Shinoda's directing style with the wacky doctor who is a part-time hit man. Sending all of the hit men out for one target, Terayama loads each of them up with cracking Film Noir-smoked dialogue,that is brilliantly underlined by their comedic hopelessness from the killers going on parade.

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