Kill Skills


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 113

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tchitouniaram 4 / 10

Barely kept myself from falling asleep...

Acting is ok,just the story is kinda boring,doesn't make me interested in anything about this film.

Reviewed by abisio 9 / 10

Do not look for political correctness or kids friendly movie

Killers for hire movies are a dime a dozen and pretty much all of them are about the redemption or guilt. Not the case here by far. Sammy is a half french/tunisian Jewish (not very religious) killer for hire working for the Jewish/London maffia (or something like that); but aside for his killing skills he is a complete disaster. Drugs, alcohol, gambling and pretty much having sex with everything that moves; includes his boss daughter. In one of his very stupid acts, he steal a few ECSTASY pills from his boss and gives to his boss daughter, killing her. He is obviously marked for death so he runs away, for a job, to Denmark where he some trouble adapting; specially with his local liaison Claes (Søren Poppel excellent and stoic) . After another stupid act; product of being drunk and his Sammy's difficulties for following directives, he and Claes are offered a very lucrative series of jobs so the killing spree gets bigger and character becomes more morally corrupted than before. To make matters worse, Sammy start having an affair with Claes wife; the very beautiful and sexy Mette (Silja Eriksen Jensen a really great actress). The story unfolds more than a drama than an action film even when there are many killings and some of them violent but never too bloody. Most of the characters are perfectly defined and even when you might notice some budget constraints; the movie is perfectly made and directed. At the end, some things about life came up and male friendship stay above all

In brief; do not expect any moral values. There are no innocent or redeemable characters but acting and structure made the movie quite good

Reviewed by bradonpawn 8 / 10

Bad guy does awful stuff and ends happily-ever-after.

The protagonist uses drugs, kills for a living, has sex with as many women as he can (and at least one man) but in the end , rides off into the sunset with "the girl" ( at least one of them) and his partner in crime ( whose wife he also had sex with). Hey, gratuitous sex and violence are now such a part if television, that i was not affected by any of the sex or murders. That's on me. I watched with interest, because the characters were interesting, and the action swift. I like happy endings and didn't see this one coming. My rating was above the average, because i found the story entertaining and the characters close enough to believable. If you like action movies and don't mind a little sex this is more than a passable foreign version.

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