It Must Be Heaven


Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 7 10 3582

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Gael García Bernal as Gael García Bernal
Steven McChattie as Tarot Reader
Ali Suliman as Brother 1 in Restaurant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hherschander 1 / 10

Boring and pretentious

A pure waste of time and patience. Extremely boring. Fake simbolism. Pretentious.

Reviewed by alinemarie 8 / 10

Beauty, irony, fun and a heartfelt movie

This is a movie that will bring you great delight, if you have a bit of patience; each scene is full of meaning, metaphors, symbols, and overwhelming beauty. Beauty of a country field or of an empty city, of the passers-by who seem on a catwalk, or of the nostalgic music. But it's not just pleasure, it's also fun and troubling at the same time, warning about the absurd taking over in all societies, about the disconnection in the middle of the crowd, about the fate of the artist who is left aside. There is hope though, as long as there are still people who care and who don't give up, like the director himself, faithful to his artistic choices, despite the pressure to take sides. The soul untamed by rules, like the angel chased by police in one scene. Oh, and the irony is everywhere, maybe at its best when Gael's character steps in. Pure joy of watching a movie with a heart. Definitely for authentic cinema lovers.

Reviewed by drpunkrock 10 / 10

A delight

If you have the patience for the editing style and the focus on symbolism without much dialogue then you will have a great time. I laughed a lot about this Tati-like observer watching one absurd scene after the next. The humor has a deadpan Jarmusch-style delivery that draws you in at first and then makes you laugh throughout the movie. Most of the scenes pose as symbols for European culture, the situation in the Middle-East and the lack of a proper home for Palaestinians. There are more layers. With one viewing you will not get every aspect of it but that is totally fine. It is still a delight.

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