I Am Greta

2020 [SWEDISH]

Biography / Documentary

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 3298

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by khdragonfly 10 / 10


Greta is a hero. She, unlike the average person, is willing to face the truth and to do something about it. See this documentary for yourself. Ignore the one-star reviews from the haters and trolls whose reviews drip with the venom of hatred. They claim to have a problem with the messenger but they are being disingenuous. It is really the message that they hate and fear. They don't want to admit that the way in which they live is destroying the planet. They think that ignoring the consequences of their actions is somehow their "freedom", their "right" yet they squander the future of the young and the not-yet-born. What about THEIR rights?

Reviewed by Jim_E_Cornette 1 / 10

Glorified exploitation of a mentally ill child.

Do I believe climate deterioration is real? YES. Do I believe we should be doing a far better job of taking care of the planet we live on? YES!

But unfortunately all this is, is blatant exploitation of an attention-starved mentally ill child under the guise of one or another world-affecting blight. It's the equivalent of holding up posters of starving children in Africa, or racks of whale corpses with the headline "SAVE THE WHALES", or the more recent "MY CHILD WAS BULLIED AT SCHOOL, RAISE MONEY FOR US" hoax.

It's a scam that quite a few sheep will fall for, as per usual, seeing all the hilariously rated-10 reviews here. The same people who really believed Greta saying she had Covid but recovered at a time when she had been completely forgotten, so she needed to get attention somehow.

Even more laughable to see the same sheep considering her for a Nobel prize, which she had done absolutely nothing to deserve. She doesn't deserve a Nobel or a documentary. What she needs is a good therapist.

I get that there's far too many people in the world who are a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but get a frikkin grip already. You're embarrassing your mommas.

Reviewed by terryvanwert 10 / 10

Greta is an Inspiration

Reading reviews from grown adults who are writing hateful and offensive comments about a young girl are truly pathetic. You are disgusting human beings.

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