I Am Elizabeth Smart


Biography / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 823

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Skeet Ulrich as Brian David Mitchell
Deirdre Lovejoy as Wanda Barzee
Elizabeth Smart as Narrator
Alana Boden as Elizabeth Smart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cfhtaiji 6 / 10

Important movie, great at parts!

I wanted to offer this review because, as a self-defense teacher and as a film afficianado, I feel I am compelled to give my take on it. The importance of this movie is clear - to let people know how crazy the world can be, how fear overrides a lot of your decision-making, and to tell the unique story of Elizabeth Smart. This movie was done well in terms of acting with the two leads looking almost identically to the actual people. Undoubtedly you'll read in these reviews that viewers had problems with one thing - the clips of the actual Elizabeth Smart speaking about the experience during particular harrowing scenes. The problem is that it comes across as cheesy, stops the story cold, and seems like she is trying to convince the viewer that what she did was the ONLY thing that she could have done. I didn't personally think harshly on this, however I didn't care how it interrupted the story and flow of the film. If I were the one making this, I would have added her remarks (and even interviews with her family and past footage) at the end. While the movie, which is good for a Lifetime movie, follows Elizabeth at every moment, it would have been nice to see to what extend the rest of the world was invested in finding her. Movies like this about survival and perseverance should be made and certainly seen.

Reviewed by dansknight 8 / 10

Hear This Story...

Some will think this tale is too tall to be believed. I say, please compare it to all others. How rare is it that a victim survives such an assault? This poor girl's parents...my goodness, to feel so powerless against evil of this magnitude. In spite of the parents being such good, giving people... This poor little girl had her life stolen from her, and she's risked ridicule and scorn by actively working to create in society a higher level of alertness so it can better-protect other children.

As a movie, a lot was left to be desired. Acting, fit and finished were by far no cinematic masterpieces on par with Casino or Scarface or Gone With The Wind. But, this is a *True *Story!!! Who cares about the presentation, the acting, the absolute "fit and finish"? This is a devastating yet touching story brought to the public eye with great help from the survivor of a wicked tragedy. If this were a street race, this is the old car that wins races slowly but surely. Because it's not intended to entertain, it's intended to educate and broaden understandings. Don't break-out the pints and nuts and/or popcorn in preparation for entertainment. Open your minds as you would while watching any documentary-based movie. And learn a lesson in human nature in some people living in the US of A.

Reviewed by mjchbarrett 8 / 10

What I had hoped the film would be...

This is how I had hoped the film would be: her view, and her view alone, with an explanation of why she did what she did. Now I get it. She truly didn't feel like it was as easy as that to escape or ask for help. They were both masters at mind games. I could see myself in her place believing at any moment he would kill the person she asked for help from and/or my family. I found myself admiring her and rejoicing in the little miracles that came her way. Acting, on everyone's part, was stellar. I would recommend this movie.

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