House of Dust


Action / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.6 10 604

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Holland Roden as Gabby
Stephen Spinella as Psychiatrist
Inbar Lavi as Emma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wksk 2 / 10

Not the worst, but NOT the best.

As far as the haunted house genre of movie, this one was not one of the best in it's field, by far, however there have been much worse. The acting was actually not that bad at all. The actress who plays "Gaby" also has a role on the MTV show Teen Wolf. This is also not the first role for any of the cast, so more or less, they get the job done. While I understand that this was based off something that happened at a real crematorium, I believe they went about explaining everything in a what that was not very believable. I hate the type of movies where the lead characters do plan stupid stuff just to the movie doesn't end. Everyone knows that no one in their right mind would do something "like that" but they always end up doing it anyway. I say, if you're bored, you have nothing to lose. Just don't spend money on it.

Reviewed by blimpyuk 1 / 10

Oh... my... god....

This film is "awful". I cannot believe I just sat through this. There is quite literally ZERO script. House of Dust is like the worst improv you have ever seen. There is literally nothing I can say about this film will make this any better for you.

The review on here by Delia Berlin is "blatantly" written by the director or the writer. It is "that" obvious guys..... sorry to call you out.

I have literally NO IDEA AT ALL of how this film got any funding with this screenplay. Atrocious.

The actress playing the lead character is obviously very talented, and was the 'only' reason I watched the film to the end.

The script didn't seem to include any writing for any of the other characters, so the film seemed reliant on continual drone-like music, which drowned out every single scene. Any film with continual music, should be an indicator that it is a bad film, because there is nothing else it can offer.

You really shouldn't watch this if you see this comment. If you have read this comment and then gone onto watch House of Dust? then you know why you're feeling like a complete idiot right now.

Reviewed by InDyingArms 2 / 10

No thrills, nothing creepy, just more wasted money.

I love anchor bay entertainment! But like most other distribution companies, they run out of money, and I guess "House of dust" is what you get when that occurs..

First off, the story of this movie. Once I got the main idea of the story, a huge face palm was planted on my face. In this case, the story of this movie is clichéd, and has been seen millions, of billions of times before, delivering absolutely nothing new in the sense of entertainment. The so called "Legend" is a massive cliché that has portrayed in many, many other films, as well as the characters, location, etc.

Next, the killer, or foe in this tale. One word, once again, cliché. The killed has been portrayed in many others films! Yet again I say! And in this movie, the killer wasn't even executed all that well, making him seem foolish, and stupid in a way that drags this film deeper then it already is..

Lastly, the cinematography, sound, overall execution, and characters. The characters, or in this case main characters were, like the rest of this movie clichéd. They were a bunch of collage kids that listened to the strong, "better" guy of the group, getting themselves into trouble, and DEATH. The cinematography of the film was shallow. Some shots were flawed, making it look terrible. Some of the lighting, as well made the scenes look dull, and misplaced. Overall depressing - like when it wasn't meant to. Moving along, almost everything of the film was reliant of CGI, and it was horrible looking. They used CGI from fire, to a shattering light bulb. All of which was horrible, misplaced looking. Finally, the sound. Most of the soundtrack didn't fit! Some music sequences sounded like action when noting really was happening, throwing us viewers off track! And concluding, the scares. Horrible! There were none, no tension, thrills, nothing. Once we got anything, thought, it was lame, horrid jump scares! No! In conclusion. This is a bad, bad, bad low budget film that tried to be more then it was, leading in an ultimate downfall! This movie failed from beginning, to end! More money wasted! Stay away from this one, I honestly have no intentions of recommending this to anyone, for it's another uneventful, cliché fest that angers, instead pleasing.

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