Horror of the Blood Monsters


Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 3.1 10 827

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John Carradine as Dr. Rynning
Brother Theodore as Opening Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frankfob 3 / 10

For sheer guts, you can't beat Al Adamson

Ya gotta love Al Adamson. Only he would (1) take footage from a 20-year-old movie about gorillas in diving helmets ("Robot Monster"); (2) combine it with clips from a 30-year-old movie about elephants with hair mats glued to their sides ("One Million B.C."); (3) throw in parts from a God-knows-how-old Filipino movie about midget cannibals, half man/half lobster monsters and beer-bellied Chinese cavemen with snakes growing out of their shoulders (all of the aforementioned footage being in black and white); (4) spend $2.15 shooting new "connecting" footage (in color, no less) with an apparently--to be charitable--confused John Carradine and a bunch of actors who have trouble remembering their lines (among them a vapid blonde who is so incompetent that all her dialogue is dubbed in by someone else, and who doesn't even have the decency to make up for it by getting naked); (5) put it out under at least 10 different titles; and (6) try to pass each one off as a new movie. Go, Al!

This is Al's masterwork, the film by which he will always be remembered. Orson Welles had "Citizen Kane," Michael Curtiz had "Casablanca," Francis Coppola had "The Godfather," Al Adamson has "Vampire Men of the Lost Planet." You're in heady company, Al. You deserve it.

Reviewed by Casey-52 9 / 10

Another Al Adamson "masterpiece"

I don't care how many people voted this movie a "1" out of 10, this movie is pure entertainment! There aren't very many painful moments, lots of great, fun scenes, and of course, the Adamson trademark of "cut and paste filmmaking".

"Vampire Men of the Lost Planet" (the video title) is a bizarre combination of horror and science fiction. The opening scenes include vampires attacking people in dark alleyways and actually manage to conjure up some atmosphere before ruining it by displaying obviously fake vampire fangs and dabs of blood on necks. Watch for Adamson himself as a vampire (with plastered back hair)! Now for the real movie...or at least Adamson's part of the movie: a team of astronauts are sent to a far-off planet that is believed to have sent the vampire virus to Earth to discover how to destroy them! Of course, by the end of the movie, the mission is forgotten and presumably the vampire epidemic is still running rampant, but what comes in-between is loads of fun! What follows is a mix of Adamson's footage (the astronauts and their cavegirl guide) and a Filipino caveman movie that is surprisingly well-made. The monsters are all in the Filipino movie and are inventive, to say the least. There are great scenes of warring cave tribes, vicious cave women who fight off their attackers, snake men with snakes protruding from their skin, lobster monsters eating cavemen as they cross a lake, and a simple plotline about the warring tribes venturing to get "fire water" (oil) in a valley. John Carradine is along for the ride, but never leaves the spaceship! Vicki Volante and Robert Dix play two lovers working at the launching pad. To make matters worse (better?), most of the film is tinted a certain color, changing every few minutes (the explanation is that the planet's atmosphere has varying levels of radiation). The reason for the tinting: Adamson's footage was in color and the Filipino monster movie in B&W.

Al Adamson. What an original! His films will always remain fun to watch for generations, even if small-minded people look for something else beneath the cheap surface. There isn't, so just sit back and enjoy them!

Reviewed by w00f 1 / 10

A Movie That Has Nothing to Do With Itself



Vampire cavemen? Sex replaced by flashing multi-colored light bulbs? Guys in dinosaur suits? A film half made of stock footage?

This isn't just bad, it's inexplicably bad. DO NOT WATCH THIS ALONE. Make sure to have a friend or two with whom you can swap wisecracks about this... this... HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS.

The end of this movie has nothing to do with the beginning. The middle has nothing to do with the end or the beginning. Not only does this planet change colors, but apparently at least one woman on it manages to change races, switching periodically back and forth between Filipino and Caucasian.

And remember, kids, the red radiation is the most dangerous to human life. Here, let me demonstrate with this spectrum gun.


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