Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood


Drama / Western

IMDb Rating 3.9 10 470

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Christian Slater as Governor Bramlette
Priscilla Barnes as Vicey Hatfield
Jeff Fahey as Devil Anse Hatfield
Perry King as Ran'l McCoy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger 4 / 10

After watching the Costner series this one is not comparable at all. Story is very different I say C-.

"I don't plan to out gun them, I plan to out kill them." After a son of Anse Hatfield (Fahey) is attacked by a member of the McCoy family a feud is begun. The Governor of Kentucky (Slater) sends his deputy Frank Philips to try and stop the fighting before its too late. I will do my best not to be biased on this one, but I did watch the History Channel series before this one. For some reason there are a lot of movies that come out that are very similar back to back. Examples like "Deep Impact" & "Armegeddon", "Tombstone" & "Wyatt Earp", "Mirror Mirror" & "Snow White and the Huntsman". This one is no exception as this one is released less then a week after the Costner one aired. Of all the movies I listed there is always one that is way better then the others. Unfortunately this is the lesser of the two Hatfield movies. The budget and acting aside the stories are so unlike the other that I have no idea which one is right. While the Costner one made me want to learn more about the history of the fight this one just made me want to watch the other one again. Overall, maybe if I saw this one first my opinion may be different but the History channel series was a hundred times better. I give it a C-.

Reviewed by Duke-56 2 / 10

You have got to be kidding me!!

I enjoyed the TV version with Costner I just wanted more of the story, so I rented this when I saw it at Redbox. Amanda B. has lost it and let herself go, though she and Fahey were the best actors in this joke of a release. Why bother with any facts, just rewrite stories, and condense the facts to shorten the movie This was not even as good as a local amateur play or locally shot movie made by high school or college drama club. The cast did a lot of shooting in the movie, but clearly never went to a shooting range to see how to hold a gun. The only visual effects I could detect was the terrible FIRE on the house. Just terrible and a waste of my time. The spoiler is if you read this before you rent it, you won't rent it....and I have done my job.

Reviewed by dorothy009 1 / 10

Terrible movie

This telling of the Hatfield and McCoy feud was horrible, For one thing they only had 2 of the McCoy brothers being killed in revenge of Ellison Hatfield being killed when in fact there was 3, Also this version claimed Asa McCoy was Randall's son when in fact Asa was Randall's brother. Asa was also the father of Nancy McCoy who in fact did marry Johnse Hatfield and later was married to Bad Frank Phillips. This is just an example of how they screwed up the true facts. They took the story of the Hatfield's and McCoys and completely rewrote it. This was just a horrible movie. Please don't waste your money or your time watching this dud,

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