2017 [RUSSIAN]

Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4 10 11746

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by warren-87235 6 / 10

Fun, but could have been so much more...

This is a tough one to judge. We bought the Blu Ray, having seen the trailer, thinking it would be fun. In that respect, it succeeds.

So what is this Russian answer to The Avengers like? I'll talk about its failings, first. It suffers greatly from Anime syndrome. Some reasonable and fun ideas, fantastic visuals, lots of creativity and passion... But badly structured story and poorly defined characters and script. Anime has a tendency to suffer from info-dump scenes. If it's about a character, you have long and boring monologues that tell you 'deep and meaningful' stuff about a character, but are pointless because nothing has come before, to make you care. Likewise, plot details and explanations are often dumped with excessive detail to make sure you know everything the story's writer imagined. They forget the old and most important rule of story telling. Show don't tell.

Marvel movies often have equally absurd super-hero stories and character backgrounds. Where they succeed, is by introducing those stories and character details through smaller interwoven moments within the overall narrative. Don't give a character a monologue, instead give them amusing asides with another character over a few scenes, and/or a brief flashback when they see something, etc.... Reveal the information, for both plot and character, organically and avoid unnecessary details.

The above, is Guardians worst failing. Things suddenly happen without build up. Characters tell someone their tragic story in a monologue that makes you want to scream "get on with it!", but by that point you don't care. It tells you nothing about the character other than some history. You don't FEEL it.

Now on to the good points. The filming (from a visual standpoint, at least) is excellent. The effects are 99% there, to being top tier Hollywood (and certainly on a par with most). The action is well done and fun. What makes all of this all the more impressive, is when you realise it was done on the equivalent of $5 million dollars. The effects work and production quality is, honestly, simply jaw dropping for that amount. You're talking about a film that looks very close to the quality of a Hollywood blockbuster, on the equivalent of something approaching one fortieth of the budget.

For all its failings, though, I'd love to see the creators learn from their mistakes, and keep producing stuff that could challenge Hollywood in quality. I also can't finish without saying, whatever you think of the film, it's all worth it for the sight of a bear with a mini-gun!!! :-D

Reviewed by cjoshi-64841 6 / 10

User rating very harsh, there is a lot worse with a better score

Having come across the trailer 'Guardian' on the Internet, initially I was fooled into thinking it was one for the Galaxy sequel (the action scenes looked impressive), but to my surprise it was an apparent Russian blockbuster, but an even bigger surprise is the rating. Yes, the script is rushed, and the story is basic, heck some will argue it's a Russian 'Galaxy' but it's not as bad as the score suggests, it's a shame people have jumped on the bandwagon in helping the movie look worse than it is.

All major movie making countries are trying to make their own superhero films and they all have the same clichés and silly stories (including Hollywood) it just may be a little worse here. It deserves an average 5 just for some impressive action sequences though, on that front it's the best 5 million dollars you will ever see spent on an action film, it looks like a very impressive blockbuster and puts some Hollywood ones to shame in that respect, so hope people can view this as the popcorn film it's meant to be, and the unfair score improves.

Don't get me wrong there is a lot bad in terms of writing etc, but as an action movie it's watchable, maybe if only once so 3+ is an insult, 5-6 is a disappointing score for such a film but more realistic all the same, definitely better than The Asylum movies and even some of those currently they have a higher score and they have nothing going for them, at least the Guardians boasts some decent effects.

Don't go by the rating make your own choice.

Reviewed by abisio 5 / 10

Below expectations

There was some potential in this tale of four superheroes created by the Russian government during the Cold War; that have to stay hidden until needed; but the movie sadly has very very lazy writing and even poorer editing. The FX are acceptable (the last Avengers was not much better and cost 50 times more); but the characters are pure stock. Forced; unsympathetic and underwritten. Action scenes are not spectacular as they were supposed to be; and villain motivations (or goals) are not that clear.

In brief; perhaps next time with better production and writing they will make a better movie; but just one is just a curiosity.

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