Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story


Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 3563

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by twelvehousebooks 9 / 10

A Shocking, Important Gestalt

The acting, photography, and direction all come together in a near perfect gestalt to show the gritty details of the lowest trade in Hollywood--a city, by the way, where I have lived and about which I have written much. Few of us want to see the perversion surrounding selling oneself to fiends, but this film shows it all. Beautifully shot and horrific in detail, if you still support the trade in any manner after you see this film you need help. Research shows that not all trade "actors" were abused as children, but this film focuses on one in particular who was, and by multiple offenders. Be careful. This is hard to watch, but worth the lessons learned.

Reviewed by Uriah43 6 / 10

A Difficult Film to Watch at Times

This film begins with a teenage girl by the name of "Hope" (Moxie Owens) chatting on the internet with her former babysitter "Paige" (Cody Renee Cameron) who has taken up residence in Los Angeles and eventually lures Hope into coming to Hollywood to become a fashion model. The scene then shift to a single mother known simply as "Baby Girl" (Psalms Salazar) who has just gotten fired from her job as a topless dancer and is not only behind on her rent and but also lacks any means to cover her other expenses. So she turns to prostitution for a while but gets convinced by Paige and her friend "Destiny" (Brooke Haven) that she can make more money and provide a safer environment for her daughter if she also becomes a fashion model. What neither Hope nor Baby Girl realize is just how devious and narcissistic both Paige and Destiny are and soon they find themselves caught up in a web of degradation and sexual deviance they never thought possible. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this is not an enjoyable film to watch. However, it does convey a startling message that these kind of deplorable abuses don't just happen in other countries-they also occur here in America and it's something everyone should know about. So to a certain degree this was a powerful film as far as it goes. Unfortunately, there were also a couple of flaws that bear mention as well. First of all, the film doesn't provide adequate character identification so it was difficult to figure out the names of anyone at any particular time-the character played by Psalms Salazar being one such example. Likewise, the ending also left much to be desired as it raised more questions than it answered. Throw in some rather sordid footage in between and it can easily repel some viewers along the way. Be that as it may, while this film may be difficult for some people to watch it does merit some attention and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Slightly above average.

Reviewed by flabelicornio 10 / 10

Where are they? Why are we allowing this?

So hard to see. This monsters are real. A chronicle of truth and reality in this sick and corrupted world. Endless labyrinth and nightmare with a great sequence of color and aberrations.

More than a movie, a masterpiece. A revealing message and urging call, to unity.

Totally understood my anger and depression. As painful as my injuries and limitations.

Perfect portrait of the devastating footprint of corporate psychopaths. A brave unmasking of our social institutions and our weak leaders referring to this matters. X-ray of our cynicism and complicity as well. A psychedelic hyperreality very well defined. So true. So urgent.

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