Four Bags Full

1956 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 7.4 10 3526

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Louis de Funès as Jambier, l'épicier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pzanardo 9 / 10

Funny and profound; a gem of French cinema

"La traversee de Paris" is a brilliant and often profound blend of comedy and drama. The story is rather uncommon and told in a most anti-rhetoric way. During World War II, in Paris occupied by the Nazis, two men have to deliver four cases filled with pork meat, for the black market. They cross the city overnight, trying to avoid French cops and German soldiers, as well.

The fun is mainly based on the duets between the two "heroes", Grandgil (Jean Gabin), and Martin (Bourvil), supported by a first-rate witty script. These two characters are drawn with psychological depth. Grandgil is somehow a mysterious man. Sometimes he seems to be a sort of thug. He despises and bullies innocent by-standers. He wants to cheat and steal the pork meat, following a sort of selfish anarchism. But many clues make the viewer feel that all this should be a Grandgil's joke. On the contrary, Martin is proud to be a decent person, and to keep honest and correct even working for the black market. The unavoidable quarrels arising between the two men build a non-standard but deep friendship. Extraordinary is the actors' job. Jean Gabin is deservedly a cinema legend, and never disappoints the audience. Here the always excellent Bourvil is on a par with his great partner.

On the background we have the masterly rendered atmosphere of those bleak years. French people is oppressed by deprivations and lack of food. Patriotism and heroic resistance are far from being appreciated. People are widely depressed by French defeat on the battle-field, and just wait for the end of the war and of German invasion. The first scene sets the tone of the movie. A blind beggar plays the Marseillese with his fiddle. Martin is displeased. What's the point of vainly provoking the Nazis? However he gives a coin to the beggar. And even a German officer gives money to the blind man. As a matter of fact, German soldiers do not appear as cruel barbarians. The officer who questions Grandgil and Martin is even nice. But when something wrong happens (namely, an attack against a German colonel), then the inhuman ferocity of Nazism shows his face. And the French hostages blame the partisans for that! Meanwhile, the swashbuckler Grandgil, always ready to despise other people's cowardice, realizes that in tragic circumstances one must care only for himself and his own life. There is a lot of depth in these scenes, believe me.

It is not surprising that this excellent movie was reviled by French audiences and critics when released. This anti-heroic, even petty representation of French people at war-time, was surely hard to swallow.

A magnificent nocturnal photography and artistic camera work, together with a first-rate direction by Autant-Lara, add further value to this superb movie.

The final scene may appear somehow stuck to the movie. But it contains an important message. Life has won, life continues. Common, simple, decent people survived. Barbarians have lost, doomed to destruction by their own infernal wickedness.

"La traversee de Paris" is a gem of French cinema. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by chouan 9 / 10

Two great actors, dark humor and a darkened Paris

Marcel Aymé was an excellent writer who left us, among other things, short stories set in occupied Paris. No patriotic pathos or teary laments, but a dark humorous look at everyday life. With this movie Bourvil revived his carreer and established himself as a real great comedian. Jean Gabin, as usual, is excellent. The story line is simple : two men have to carry across Paris black market pig meat. Bourvil, an unemployed cab driver does it for money, Gabin, a well known artist does it for kicks.

Reviewed by ulicknormanowen 10 / 10

The first "street movie" .

Nowadays, the name of Claude Autant-Lara lives in infamy in his native country ,but what a career ! To begin with masterful intimate dramas ("Le Mariage De Chiffon" " Douce" ),to carry on with daring subjects ( " le diable au corps" ) , to tackle darkly humorous comedies ("L'Auberge Rouge " , this film) ,to make his way through the sixties with taboo subjects (conscientious objection ,abortion) while the Nouvelle Vague was unfairly putting him down .....and finally ending his life in the far right wing ,becoming a hateful anti-Semite .Summing up his career in a succint style :A man of contradictions .

"La Traversée De Paris" is the first of the two stories he borrows from Marcel Aymé (for the record,the second was "la jument verte") ;it' s by far the best of the two and Autant-Lara's biggest commercial success.

Does it deserve it? DEFINITELY!Writer Aymé did not want Bourvil in Martin's role,but given the results ,he had to make amends .Pairing him with Gabin was a stroke of genius;and icing on the cake , Louis De Funès only supporting ,but making his two scenes count : it was not the first time Bourvil had met the co-star with whom he made the biggest blockbusters of the sixties (see "Poisson D'Avril" ,Gilles Grangier,1955)but it was the first that counted .

Although Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost did modify the ending of Aymé's short story ,they were faithful to the spirit of the novel .The world they depict is not black and white: the nice poor people and the selfish wealthy ones ,it 's all the same ; I dare you to find a single sympathetic character in this story;me, myself,mine,first,and to hell with the others ; even the woman who gives them a shelter because she mistakes them for resistant fighters is also interested by the pork meat they carry through the empty streets of Paris .The capital is entirely filmed in studio ,and given the limitations he was working under ,all we can do is to give Autant-Lara a standing ovation.

Great scenes: A blind musician plays "La Marseillaise" on his accordion ;even a German officer spares a dime;either he is deaf or he is stupid!

Bourvil ,drowning out the squeals of the pig they are slitting with his accordeon (but not playing the National anthem)

The scene at the restaurant where both pals relish with kidneys while the other guests have to be content with Jerusalem artichokes soup :torment of Tantalus .

In the zoo,the howling wolves,the dogs in the street :men and beasts, instinct of self-preservation comes first!

The way both men get rid of the gendarmes .And more!

As there are "road movies ", this could be called "street movie" because the two principals ,both mean men becomes more endearing as the movie progresses ,which is quite a feat ;never Gabin had been so thunderous (the scene when he humiliates the poor guys in the cafe);and his overplaying works and is quite impressive .

Darkly humorous comedy indeed ! Sometimes comedy verges on drama ,particularly towards the end ;one can criticize both screenwriters for the happy end (Martin does not stab Grangil),but it inspires its vital sense of humor : the prole used to be a taxi driver,he now carries the luggage ,which he did on that memorable night ,while bourgeois Grangil travels first class :heredity coming out!Et plus ça change!

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