1937 [FRENCH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tentender 10 / 10

One of the best of Guitry's filmed plays

In "Désiré," Guitry gives himself a quite out-of-the-ordinary vehicle. Frankly, I had become rather tired of his usual pater familias-type character, and it is refreshing to see him in the role of a servant -- a wise, extremely sophisticated valet de chambre, but a servant nonetheless. Oddly, this film somewhat calls to mind Genet's "The Maids," in plot and even, strangely enough, a bit in tone (though it's very funny, funnier even than the usual Guitry comedy). Altogether a very unusual Guitry! Jacqueline Delubac is her usual charming self, Pauline Carton (the French Thelma Ritter, one could say) is as always excellent, and Arletty is seen in her only principal role in a Guitry film (though she is also seen in cameos -- one very wild! -- in two other Guitrys). Also excellent in a small but difficult role is Saturnin Fabre. One is hardly conscious that this is "filmed theater." Yes, there is a lot of talk, but the film-making is swift, sophisticated and inventive. Very enjoyable.

Reviewed by zetes 8 / 10

Fun comedy

A delightful French masters/servants farce not too far removed from The Rules of the Game, the most famous film of this genre. Sacha Guitry plays Jacqueline Delubac's new valet. Delubac isn't entirely sure that she's done the right thing by hiring him. He comes with a reputation for trying to seduce his mistresses. He swears it's all a misunderstanding, and her boyfriend, a minister of the government (Jacques Baumer), convinces her that it'll be all right. But just the suggestion of a possible servant/mistress sexual relationship starts to give both servant and mistress strong sexual dreams about each other, which makes neither of them happy. Worse yet, each are convinced that the other (as well as the other servants) can hear them talk in their dreams. This is quite an enjoyable film, very witty and well acted. It doesn't amount to a lot, and there are some dialogue scenes that go on for too long (it is an adaptation of one of Guitry's plays, but he directs it quite well so it isn't often static), but it's fun. Co-starring Arletty of Children of Heaven fame.

Reviewed by boblipton 7 / 10

Guitry's Movie About How He Is Attracted To So Many Women, And They To Him

Sacha Guitry is Désiré, a valet who goes to work for Jacqueline Delubac (Guitry's wife at the time). He has a cloud over his head. His last employer wrote him a good reference, but over the phone intimates that something embarassing happened that caused him to leave.

Delubac is the mistress of Jacques Baumer,a pleasant but stuffy cabinet minister. The three of them, plus cook Pauline Carton and lady's maid Arletty head off to Deauville, when there is a problem. Delubac and Guitry have loud erotic dreams about each other.

It's clearly a one-set play opened up for the screen. It's a witty affair that mocks the institution of marriage and class, and Guitry has written himself some very funny monologues, and a very funny dinner scene which includes Saturnin Fabre as a rude rake who propositions Delubac in front of his deaf wife, Alys Delonce. Looking at the movie, one can see how it was opened up, and wonder if it would play better on the stage -- particularly with such a fine cast.

Guitry's plays often mocked marriage, and it's easy to understand why; he was married five times,making one think of the saying that insanity is to make the same mistake over and again. The story is that in 1918, his first wife told him she had been praying at a church -- one that Guitry knew had just been destroyed by German guns. The divorce soon followed.

It's a fine story, and given Guitry's marriages and plays, it's easy to believe. One should, however, hesitate to accept the word of a humorous story teller. Sometimes they make up stories.

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