Deep Dark


Fantasy / Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
IMDb Rating 5 10 2276

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Sean McGrath as Hermann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Truly strange....

I am really stumped with this review...and that almost never happens. Despite having written thousands of reviews, I have just found a movie that really defies description. It even makes me wonder whether I liked it or not. I am just not sure what "Deep Dark" is all about and it might be worth seeing again or seeing it with friends and discussing it afterwords. It's THAT unusual and thought-provoking.

Seth McGrath stars as Hermann, a young man with absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever....none. Yet, inexplicably he's convinced himself he's a great artist and he just needs to get others to see his work and then they'll be convinced as well. Unfortunately, his mobiles are junk...and everyone thinks so. On a lark, he decides to move into one of his uncle's apartments for two weeks to devote himself solely to creating a masterpiece. Soon, however, something REALLY, REALLY weird occurs. Behind a small hole in the wall comes the voice of a lovely woman and it not only talks to Hermann but spits out odd things (I have no idea exactly WHAT this stuff is) and Hermann incorporates them into his mobiles....and he becomes an instant success. But what about the woman behind the wall and what is the stuff it gives him? Well, it's not exactly a fact, it isn't exactly human. As for the art material, God only knows! Exactly what is it? I have no idea...but the thing behind the wall with a beautiful voice has a lamprey-like portion to it and it really, really loves Hermann...both emotionally and sexually. I still cannot wrap my head around the scene where Hermann is having sexual relations with the hole in the wall...but it does the trick and gives it inspiration and soon it begins spitting out other weird things for Hermann's mobiles. Does this sound weird? You betcha! But it only gets weirder and bloodier and more and more difficult to describe!

So is this a comedy or a horror film or a fantasy film? Well, it certainly has elements of each. But there's also a certain strangeness, an absurdity that leaves the viewer confused-- especially at the end. This ending might keep people thinking and wondering a long time as to what, exactly, happened. Overall, I think I liked it. The plot is highly original, the music is amazingly good and the acting and direction are quite good. Credit for the story and direction all go to the same person, Michael Medaglia--a young and relatively inexperienced newcomer to films. As for the story and its meanings...well, I would really love some second (and third and fourth...) opinions! It has a lot to like and appreciate...but it also made my brain hurt just a bit and left me confused. Overall, I'd say that this is the perfect film for someone wanting something different...very, very different! Perhaps it would make a perfect entry into my "You Ain't Seen Nothing' Yet" series... Plus I did see quite a bit of promise from this uber- weird movie.

Reviewed by LeonarSJ98 5 / 10

Slightly Misleading Description...

This film is undeniably absurd; every aspect of this film screams "surrealism," from the refusal to fully explain or justify the strangeness of the plot to awkward, uncomfortable sex scenes. As I'm a fan of such movies, I enjoyed my viewing and was pleased to view something I hadn't seen repackaged and rebranded a hundred times before. Should you watch this film? If you're in the mood for something different and unique, sure. If you're expecting the film the poster and description portrays - that is, a disturbing and violent horror flick - then I think you'd be better suited looking for and watching something else. That's not to suggest this movie is without violence or gore, but compared to some of the more well-known surreal horror films (Videodrome, Eraser Head, and House, for example) this is a rather tame movie. However, be advised: there is an underlying theme of body horror throughout the film. If "gross out" (though the "ick factor" of this film is slight) isn't your thing, I'd recommend looking for something different to watch.

Reviewed by quincytheodore 7 / 10

There's no Wonderland beyond this hole

Deep Dark is a movie tethering on the fringe of horror genre, it's like a modern art on some posh gallery that may be confusing because due to its odd nature. It doesn't work like many thriller or horror flicks and takes a bit of time to roll, albeit its short runtime. There's just an intrinsic draw as though something bizarre is popping up yet one can't avert their eyes, and that itself is already a more successful horror than most.

Hermann (Sean McGrath) is an artist who's not particularly gifted. He tries hard to produce art to no avail. At some point his uncle rents him an apartment that doubles as a workshop. What he finds instead is a talking hole which presents him with artistic gift. This premise is so strange, it's almost satirically creepy.

In fact, the movie doesn't remotely have the same mystery feel to it, barely having any scare at all. It may even turn into comedy foray at a couple of instances, as it mocks its own protagonist and his predicament. The desperate artist angle works incredibly well, showing that desperation can give birth to foolishly appealing choices.

Without giving away much, this is one of the movies that relies on the quirky development, Deep Dark can be simplified into part haunting and part stalker theme. It's far from supernatural scares, so those expecting gripping thrill akin to Insidious might not find it here. The movie plays out in a type of fantasy, although it's still bizarre even for folklore premise.

Deep Dark is amalgamation of the weirdest aspects from fantasy and mystery wired together like abstract art. The sheer oddity leaves a strangely interesting aftertaste. It's recommended for those searching for something different, and the short length fits a lazy weekend slumber like a finger, among other things, on a mysterious hole.

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