Death of a Ghost Hunter


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 4.5 10 1977

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by I-am-Shellfish 2 / 10

Really bad

I hate to say that this was a really bad movie, because I like to think there is a gem in every bad horror flick and especially because I already spent nearly two hours watching it, but this was really a bad movie on multiple fronts.

My biggest problem: story development. Closely followed by my second biggest problem: unbelievably long. Which was exacerbated by my other problems: badddd acting, bad script

See, the bad acting and bad script are forgivable for about the first hour when I still had hope that the story might be worth a d^mn. And I'm an incredibly patient person, so when I turned on the time remaining and saw that after an hour and a half I still had twenty minutes left(!) I thought my head might explode. Compound that with the fact that by that point I STILL had no idea how this whole story came together (many people have complained about predictability, but I'm going to have to go the other way. So much was left until the horrible 'recap' moment at the end, I had no f^cking clue what was going on. I'd thought that somehow the movie makers had forgotten about the drowned baby?! (Pulling a Paranormal Entity, you can't predict the end if you've been given false information at the beginning!) But the story, ultimately, is what is making my head throb at this very moment. A poorly made movie with low budget effects can be saved by an interesting story. Unfortunately, I don't find completely unbelievable Christian psycho-zealots interesting or believable. I don't say that because I'm a devout Christian or because I don't believe there are insane people out there, but because there is NO way in our society that what was supposedly transpiring at the Masterson household would go for twenty years undiscovered. You're telling me that police didn't find the freshly buried grave of Miranda? You're telling me the cop didn't report the nearly drowned infant, at which point anyone who KNEW the family would say, 'well they didn't have a baby?!' You're telling me that out of the fifteen odd photos of girls that had been abused in this fashion that NO ONE ever came forward? You're telling me that the police did no investigation into the murders and took the wife's suicide note word for it, 'look, I know my prints are on the murder weapon, but I totally didn't do this'? This story at its most basic level, sucks. Everyone out there who is so excited about the story must have just totally nutted over the Amityville horror (also stupid). Mix into that the fact that we have to deal with the stereotypical aggressive Christian girl who is obviously NOT supposed to be there for at least an hour and by god I might strap a black box onto my head and start killing people!

Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. And the 'paranormal activity' in the house wasn't even that scary! Totally overdone and not threatening at all! Get me the Tylenol!

Reviewed by Mikkel-0-934971 5 / 10

Some decent shocks, could have been better

Overall, the film did decently with setting up an atmosphere.

I do have a few points of critique: 1. Very repetitive background music. Those notes on the piano ended up bugging me a lot, since they were in every scary scene.

2. Other sound issues - some scenes very obviously had all sound cut, the film could've used a "noise" track so these scenes wouldn't stand out so much. There was *some* nice music scores, but I feel that starting them out at a lower volume (and keeping them lower) would've drawn less attention to them.

3. Some sequences - particularly the end - could've been shortened down a bit. With the fluff overall, I'd say the film could easily have been 20 minutes (and maybe even 30 minutes, if you're good at killing your darlings) shorter.

Overall, I'd say the film shows some nice ideas, and at times a good execution of said ideas.

Reviewed by linda_bras 2 / 10


All I have to say is "What the heck kind of acting was that?" I liked the story itself, but I completely agree with all the other people about the acting. I could see that if the acting was better it would have been a great movie. There were times were I was a little scared. But seriously I had to watch the movie at 2 in the morning alone to be scared. Basically because of the acting. I kept thinking to myself "they are awful" I hope someone remakes this movie. I could be great. I cant believe they couldn't find better actors. Sheesh so disappointed. I wonder if I am being harsh or maybe just haven't watched enough movies but I just cant get over the acting.

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