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Rose McIver as Rose
Tandi Wright as Eileen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adekinder 8 / 10


A brilliant film of Kiwiana.

It tells the story of two people and their relationship which ultimately meets its bittersweet end. The story is very moving and heartbreaking and personally, while I feel so frustrated by the ending, it was well played off. The relationship fractures due to two people unwilling to communicate.

The movie incorporates the soundtrack and musical element in a fun and creative way. I liked how it didn't play as a straight musical and we got scenes punctuated by certain songs while flashing back to the main character's actions. It was beautifully filmed and well-acted, taking us through the landscape of a changing New Zealand and its different era. I enjoyed the costumes, music choices and the filming.

A lot of people feel the movie falls apart in the third half. This is due to the frustration in their miscommunication and perhaps, Eric not making it clear what the truth was. However, there was plenty of opportunities where both characters made choices to hide secrets and create the friction in their relationship. At the beginning of the movie, we see the main female character Rose be cold to Eric on their first date because he was approached. This starts the expectation that Rose is easily suspicious and jealous towards other females and has a lack of trust in anyone. This is again repeated during the first dance scene where Eric dances with someone else - she almost leaves him completely due to her assumption that he will be interested in others. She never communicates her insecurity or mistrust toward her partner. Before Eric leaves, Rose finds Eric's father having an affair with someone else. Does she say this to Eric? No. Eric never discusses this with her and throughout the whole movie, tries to keep his father away from his wife. Eric is ashamed by his father and his inability to hide his affairs. He doesn't want to share this secret with his wife and already is aware of the judgment from Rose's parents.

The turn and crumbling of the marriage is perfectly captured by Crowded Houses " Fall at your feet". This entire scene made me cry. Eric discovering his dead father in the bathroom of another woman. The woman begging for him to go. Him carrying his father. All of it was harsh and bitter. You felt the weight of it. He comes home and seeks comfort in his wife who smells the perfume. She automatically assumes he has been with another woman - but why? she has no reason to except her previous suspicious nature followed by her spotting of Eric's father. She expects him to be unfaithful because she feels he is her father. Her shunning of him makes it harder on Eric to be honest. It was already a burden. Neither communicate their distrust and let their distance wedge between them. As you see Rose grow colder, she never speaks - she keeps assuming he has been unfaithful throughout everything. When confronted, the song "Language" illustrates perfectly them speaking different tongues. Eric's embarrassment for his father shame and the sinking weight that his own wife thinks he is no different. This scene is heartbreaking and you scream with frustration that they couldn't just work it out. But the truth is neither were willing to take that steps. Rose stewed in her own suspicions, Eric lived with his shame.

All in all, it's very heartbreaking and well-told that nothing is clear-cut. That the unwillingness to let go of your own doubts stops your path. That your sacrifice can be unheard. It was a painful ending to a really great story about love.

Reviewed by geostoios 4 / 10

Could be a solid "6" (spoilers on 3rd paragraph)

IF it didnt have a plot blunder towards the end. I guess they wanted to provide a twist to the movie, and they did, but it ended exactly the oppsite way. The particular scene throws the viewer completely out of the movie and what was supposed to be the climax was actually disappointing, a big let down.

Could be a solid 6 maaaybe 6,5 (if there was an option) but no, the ending part messes an otherwise "ok" movie. I fail to follow the thinking of whoever is responsible for that scene, i am surprised it made it to the final cut.

Spoilers: For those wondering if its worth it, short answer is "No", keep on reading for the explanation. The movie is a typical boy meets girl, blah blah, they grow up blah blah, they make a family, blah blah, then the father of the boy dies at the appartment of his affair. Thats something boy has to keep a secret from his mother (although his mother already knows that her husband was unfaithful). Boy's wife smells the perfume (of dad's affair) and thinks that he cheats on her, she also sees them together in dad's funeral where the dad's affair went to give his watch to the boy (how bad plot is that, i'll let you decide, worse is coming).

Tension between boy-girl builds up until girl decides to split, the supposed climax is a few minutes of girl accusing boy and boys says nothing. No, really, thats it, they were a beautiful family but boy says nothing about being innocent and they end up in separate ways, for - practically - no - reason. Major dissapointment, i'd prefer them splitting over wrong babys milk temperature rather than that. There you have it, i hope i'll save someones time.

Reviewed by frank-brennan-1 8 / 10

Great film let down by the ending.

I enjoyed this film quite a lot. The music, the period details, the nostalgia and the 2 main leads and music are all excellent. However the main scene near the end when the wife is about to leave with the kids because she thinks he did something that he didn't, and he just stands there and says nothing, just didn't make sense to me. It made me so exasperated enough to shout at the screen and left me feeling cold and flat. Think the director was trying to give the film a La La Land-like ending but it didn't work. Worth a watch all the same!

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