Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus

2013 [SPANISH]

Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 7846

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Michael Cera as Jamie
Gaby Hoffmann as Crystal Fairy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sertraod 10 / 10

Critics rate this high, audiences rate it low

Because the general public are morons and critics are refined professionals.

NOT because critics are snooty snoots and regular folk know whats best.

Hidden themes/plot:

Michael Cera plays a young, educated, and rebellious American young man on a "TRIP" to Chile seeking out the San Pedro cactus, a psychoactive cactus containing mescaline. A TRIP to Chile, a road TRIP to the beach, and a mescaline TRIP on the beach.

Cera's character, Jamie, is often described as aggressive, rude, unlikeable, etc. Actually people are simply misinterpreting his complete and utter IMPATIENCE and OBSESSION. Jamie is OBSESSED with Alduous Huxley's "The Doors of Perception" and Jamie is OBSESSED with getting to try mescaline.

He along with three Chilean friends take a road trip/adventure across Chile having all these amazing experiences. Does Jamie care? No, he wants to get going and won't even smell the roses (pointed out when Crystal Fairy smells the herbs she picked in the field and gets him to smell it). Jamie is so obsessed and impatient that he comes off extremely ungrateful. He fails to live in the moment.

Jamie is impatient.

Enter Crystal Fairy.

Jamie is impatient. Crystal Fairy requires much, much patience to deal with.

Jamie is logical, rational. Crystal fairy believes in things because.

Jamie believes that mescaline open the doors of perception and will grant him some sort of insight in to himself and the world. Crystal fairy is an avid psychedelic user who's brain is entirely fried. Reality staring in the face of Jamie's psychedelic theory.

So the theme is patience. Patience in waiting for something you're excited about and patience in dealing with difficult people.

Crystal fairy's name is Crystal FAIRY. FAIRY. At the end of the movie she mysteriously disappears behind a rock. Fairy=ANGEL.

Michael Cera's character, Jamie, is UNGRATEFUL to God for the life he's been given. He takes his adventure in Chile entirely for granted. Ridiculously so.

So "God", a secret character in this story, sends a magic psychedelic hippie angel who is SUPER stupid and annoying. To teach Jamie patience in dealing with people and in waiting for things to occur. Also to be the living example of the dangers of psychedelics--to try to scare Jamie away from drugs.

He does it anyways.

WHOA. What a trippy movie.

This entire movie is a TRIP. A trip to Chile, a trip across Chile, and a psychedelic trip. Also a secret subplot that blows minds.

Considering this was masterfully written/directed by one individual... it's a 10/10.

If you think this movie sucks... no, you just totally missed the entire point of the movie.

Reviewed by josephobdami 10 / 10

Mucho Bueno

I watch so many movies they're just a forgetful blur. Same boring ass plots over and over and over. There's only like five stories to tell. And then there's the rare movie like this one that thankfully falls in the "Other" category. I must like it a lot because it has a persistent memory.

To be honest, I saw a lot of my much younger self in Cera's character. Elitist, hardcore traveler convinced he has a better grasp on sniffing out adventure than most. And how to maximize the experience once revealed by experiencing what you are experiencing -- like a double track recording. And the annoyance of being stuck with silly people who managed to worm their way into your adventure making it less wonderful than it could have been. Their bad manners and immaturity defile the sanctity of the quest. They take snapshots of each other.

There are no do overs in adventure.

Reviewed by Michael Radny 4 / 10


Crystal Fairy is one of the most pointless films I think I've ever watched. It's not trying to be avant-garde and it's not trying to be mainstream, it lingers somewhere inbetween without reason. It has little story, with no plot and hence, goes nowhere from the start. Michael Cera is somewhat fun to watch, but the film as a whole has no motive to make you enjoy it. I can see where the film wanted to go, this exotic road trip, but it fails so many times that it feels like you are watching an idea that could have been unfold into this series of pointless images.

Crystal Fairy and The Magic Cactus is one of those boring films with no substance to give you anything to keep you watching. Michael Cera is possibly the only reason for you to pick this movie up with no other big names.

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