2015 [AMHARIC]

Adventure / Fantasy / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 547

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by louis-coury 9 / 10

Allegorical SciFi Love Story from Another Place

I loved this movie. I appreciated seeing the lush landscapes of the Ethiopian highlands, the quartz deposits in the desert, and the abandoned train yard in Addis Ababa used as the backdrop for this movie. This is a memorable film filled with remarkable imagery that will stick with you for a long time.

Other user reviews have summarized the plot quite nicely, so I will not duplicate their efforts here. At its heart, the film is a gentle and charming SciFi love story. I do want to add, though, that I did *not* find the movie as obtuse or abstract as some of the other reviewers did. Perhaps it is because of my middle eastern heritage and an implicit understanding of allegory in Arabic/Amharic traditions that this film resonated so deeply with me.

While the movie is open to many interpretations, my reading of it was as an allegory for a spiritual journey that ultimately leads to disillusionment with the divine, and a return to finding love and contentment in the here and now.

**** Spoiler Alert ***** My explanation of the film and its meaning would be that Candy is an imperfect man barely existing in an apocalyptic wasteland who has created a narrative in his own mind that he is from another planet. He believes in a supernatural presence that has been dormant in his adult life (the spaceship), but is now reawakening. This reawakening is coincident with the pregnancy of Candy's partner, the beautiful and superficially perfect Birdy.

Candy becomes obsessed with the supernatural - the spaceship, why it is reawakening at this time, and its potential to take him and his family to another planet where he will be recognized as a superman, of sorts. This results in Candy undertaking an odyssey to understand and come closer to the supernatural. Eventually, he comes to view the Santa Claus character as an oracle of the divine. Just as Santa Claus is a secular symbol for Christmas that serves as a connector to a deeper religious tradition, Candy believes that the Santa Claus character can somehow connect him to the spaceship (the divine).

After a long journey, he eventually locates the Santa Claus oracle, and engages in a physical confrontation, which leads to him understanding that there is no connection to the divine through this man, whom he discovers to simply be a tired old man living out his own fantasy. The fact that he can communicate with Birdy and Candy through the mechanical system in the abandoned bowling alley is a humorous detail that furthers the narrative, but also may represent tradition and societal norms. (There is a lot of humor in this film - I loved the shrine to Michael Jordan and the use of Michael Jackson records as currency!)

After his encounter with the Santa character, Candy stumbles upon a movie theater that has been showing a Turkish Superman movie continuously for 40 years. The now-blind projectionist recognizes Candy and informs him that Candy used to come see the movie with his father when he was very young. He is told that his father moved him to the countryside for his own safety before he died, apparently when Candy was still quite young. We later see Candy throwing his Superman costume in the lake in a state of disillusionment. He now realizes how he invented his Superman narrative.....

The film ends with Candy returning to his beloved Birdy. They spin together on a dilapidated rocker/swing, perhaps representing the passage of time as they grow old together. One reading of the moral underlying the narrative is that the enlightened live and love in the here and now, rather than pining after myths and the supernatural.

Just my $2.00E-2 worth!!

Reviewed by alisonc-1 6 / 10

Short, Surreal Oddity from Ethiopia

Centuries after the apocalypse, the malformed Candy (Daniel Tadesse) loves beautiful young Birdy (Selam Tesfaye) and she loves him too. But Candy is troubled: he thinks the strange spaceship hanging in the sky is starting to operate again, and in the bowling alley where he and Birdy live, some of the ball-returning mechanisms have also started working, all by themselves. Candy hopes that the local witch can help him make sense of these signs, but she tells him that he must travel to the far-away city to find Santa Claus, who is the only one who can tell him what to do. So Candy starts off on his strange quest, while Birdy stays home and daydreams that her unborn child has been fathered by a more perfect specimen than Candy....

This is a very strange film, in which a photo of Michael Jordan on the b-ball court is a shrine, a Michael Jackson vinyl LP is venerated and cheap plastic toys are precious items to be bartered for enough money to perhaps earn passage on the spaceship to, well, wherever the ship might be going. I can't say that I understood it really at all, but it was an interesting film nonetheless. We in the West don't often see Ethiopian landscapes, which is more varied than I would have thought, and the characters are all engaging in their own, strange ways. It's a very short film at 68 minutes, and worth your time to check out, if only for its oddity.

Reviewed by filmbizarro 7 / 10

Easy to enjoy, harder to understand

It's festivals like Fantasia International Film Festival that truly bring out some original titles to recognition. "Crumbs" is a title that I most likely would have missed out on. Not because the trailer or synopsis wouldn't intrigue me, but because when you run a site like Film Bizarro you are mostly surrounded by horror fans and "Crumbs" doesn't exactly bring in that crowd, yet this is the type of movies I enjoy pushing for the most. Now, having seen "Crumbs" doesn't really mean that I understand what the hell I watched.

Impressions were left, thoughts were pondered, ideals were questioned, the future was feared and the visuals were mesmerizing. So what the hell is "Crumbs"? Imagine yourself in a post-apocalyptic Ethiopia. The world has gone through wars after wars, so much so that the world is now in a strange state of hopeless peace. There is a spacecraft hovering above Ethiopia, one that people hope to get on somehow. People loot and scavenge for old items such as toys, records, figurines and other artifacts from our time to hopefully sell - or better yet, trade for a spot on the spacecraft. Candy is a small man with a slight physical disability who believes he doesn't belong to this world, and so he wanders into an adventure through the Ethiopian lands to reach the spacecraft.

Storywise I can't go further into "Crumbs". It's a movie to experience, to sit down and watch to let it occupy your mind - but without it feeling too heavy-handed about it. It's a rather pleasant, easy watch compared to similarly themed movies. Sure, it brings to question a lot of things such as the worth of material things, religions and who you look up to, where we all belong and what we love. There are wonderful moments where you see celebrities from our time being prayed to or random items being of importance. Simple things that can make us question the things we look up to in life. But above all I feel that "Crumbs" should be watched in the same way as you read a poem - whatever you feel and see in it, is there for you to interpret. If you find nothing, then that is okay too.

No matter what you meanings or thoughts you find in this surrealistic love story/sci-fi adventure, you can't say anything bad about the visuals. With completely absurd yet beautiful locations that are of another world compared to the very green Sweden that I live in, it's easy to get pulled into a post-disaster atmosphere and be there right next to Candy. This is the rare movie that has quite a bit of dialogue, but which would have succeeded in saying almost the same thing even if you watched it without subtitles.

"Crumbs" is luckily just 68 minutes short, which is a perfect length for something so abstract and strange as this. The movie is surprisingly cheerful which adds to making it an easy watch rather than a Tarkovsky-like narcose (I love Tarkovsky, but you know what I mean). The movie is best seen as something you're allowed to have different opinions on. It is very open, but has many distinct things that will get discussions and possible conflict going. I might have left the movie with merely open ideas of what it could all mean, but that didn't make the experience any less enjoyable.

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