Criminal Intent


Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5 10 231

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November 10, 2020 at 06:27 AM


Vanessa Angel as Susan Grace
Linda Purl as Kirsten Sorensen
Michael Antonakos as Philip - Technician
Sebastian Spence as Devon Major
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by catdance-1 1 / 10


Utterly the most painful movie I have ever suffered through. I kept hoping that it would improve since it had Linda Purl; however, it just kept spiraling down hill. If you want something more entertaining try a root canal. This could have been a great movie if they had bothered to invest some money into actors who could carry this type of story line. It was just an endless parade of pretty faces "mugging" for the camera. Nor will it become one of those "bad" films that later becomes faddish due to its comically bad acting. This was just plain bad. Even after a while Linda's normally superb acting was lost in the damage. The sad statement is that each of these actors have done superb work in other films yet they just didn't have the edge to carry this story line.

Reviewed by whpratt1 10 / 10

Very Entertaining Two Hours

Decided to watch this film on "Lifetime" Channel and was quite surprised with the great acting and a very tricky plot, which kept you just wondering who was the bad guy or girl. The opening scene has lots of blood all over the place as a person gets chopped up like CHOPPED LIVER. The knife is removed and from then on the story has many twists and turns that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Lots of romantic scenes and you will never guess how the picture ends. A divorce lawyer comes to the aid of a client and winds up having to defend her ex-husband who is accused of killing his wife. This is a rather different murder mystery and it is a film that is very worth your while to sit back and ENJOY !

Reviewed by mollidew 8 / 10

Surprising Twists

I don't know how people can say someone's acting is bad. They do have a director with a vision. A TV movie is filmed much quicker than one that goes out to the theaters. All of these actors are good seasoned television actors. I am offended at all the comments about age. If the women were much younger than the males no one would comment, but the fact they are older they make demeaning comments about that. They wanted strong leads for the females it is obvious. I felt they all put in great performances given it was only a TV movie and the twists were clever. I was never bored watching this movie. I love Vanessa Angel and I know nothing about her getting cosmetic shots in her lips or a wig or anything else and I doubt anyone else here does either. I think comments should be based on the film and not personal attacks upon the actors. I personally love Sebastian Spence and I liked all the other actors and felt Vanessa Angel did a fine job. It wasn't like a Hitchcock movie in that the script was rather mundane. It had it's twists and turns but it was no major motion picture. It was Lifetime like most of their movies; some better than others. If you don't like murder mysteries you won't like it but if you like suspense this movie was fine. Not the best I have ever seen but entertaining.

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