Cold Light of Day


Action / Biography / Crime / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 131

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mysteryskeats 7 / 10

Low budget serial killer

One has to admire the balls it took to make this movie. For a start, the atmosphere is cloying and intense, and if you've taken the time to track this movie down then chances are you probably know a little bit about it. Based on the crimes of British serial Killer Dennis Nielson, cold light of day is a slice of docu-drama little like anything you've ever seen before. i saw this on video in its 75 minute entirety, and it is a difficult movie to sit through. It makes you feel so uncomfortable, and tries, in its own way to present its characters with some compassion, but they are all so cold and pathetic that you squirm in your seat and wait for it to end. It took me a long time to track this little gem down, and it has had a couple of releases in the UK throughout the 1990's, but its a hard film to watch. Certainly a must for serial killer movie buffs or anyone interested in lensing their first movie, cold light of day is awkward and, in several places, downright unpleasant. Henry Portrait of a serial killer was gruesome, Cold Light of Day is a shiver than runs down your spine in the dead of night.

Reviewed by CurriedGoolies 7 / 10

A little-known but extremely disturbing chiller, based on a notorious true story

Between 1978 and 1983, Dennis Nilsen - an outwardly unremarkable former soldier and police officer turned civil servant - killed at least fifteen men and boys (most of them students or homeless) in gruesome circumstances, allegedly retaining the corpses for sex acts before disposing of the butchered remains by hiding them in cupboards, under the floorboards, or simply by flushing them down the toilet. This grimy, clammy, little-seen independent film is a lightly fictionalised account of Nilsen's hideous deeds, with a standout performance from Bob Flag as the milquetoast murderer, here renamed Jorden March.

Fhiona Louise's film, clearly made on a shoestring budget, steers clear of exploitation tactics, choosing instead to cast its characters adrift in a singularly bleak, uncaring and desolate world of tatty pubs, squalid bed-sits, greasy cafés and grubby bathrooms. The police interrogation of March is inter-cut with flashbacks that reveal not just his crimes (a living room disembowelment and the discovery of what's blocking the drains will send a shiver down the spines of even the hardiest souls) but also provide a window of understanding into what has tipped the apparently kindly loner over the edge. Louise's direction is unobtrusive and detached, allowing the lengthy exchanges between the characters to play out in several lengthy takes, but it's this cold, flat, cinema-verité style that affords the proceedings much of their chilling power, conveying the sense that such horrors really could be unfolding in the street, or even the house, just around the corner.

It's an easy film to admire - it won several awards - but it's not an easy film to watch, let alone enjoy. As a fitting footnote, a caption card dedicates the preceding horrors to "those too sensitive for this world" - which, in his own perverse and twisted way, Nilsen surely was.

Reviewed by TCurtis9192 5 / 10

COLD LIGHT OF DAY: 2 reflections

"COLD LIGHT OF DAY" (1989, Louise): As an account

Bob Flag, iconic face of 1984's "Nineteen Eighty Four" (Radford), looks like Dennis Nilsen but doesn't act like him. This is a film that suffers from what many serial killer films suffer from: turning the main character, a warped killer, into someone with whom audiences can sympathise with. Often serial killers are portrayed with more of a human side than is usually the case and here a loud-mouthed, chain smoking, erratic and openly gay man is portrayed as an often whimpering, skulking, mild-mannered man who, despite having sexual relationships with men, is not so open to others.

Having a Scottish accent as well as keeping the name Dennis Nilsen would have served the film better than this London-accented "Jorden March" because those two changes put distance between the killer we all know of and this film. I imagine that caused some confusion and disappointment and probably contributed to the film's almost immediate obscurity.

That aside we have to discuss the performance of Geoffrey Greenhill. He portrays Chief Inspector Simmons and, quite frankly, I wondered if he could have done more? Perhaps every time he had a line he could have flipped the table? Or beaten to death the guard by the door? Or fired a shotgun repeatedly at the ceiling? He was way over the top. I wonder whether the script was in caps and this was how he thought they wanted him to act. That being said I had a problem with his character's lines as a whole because the police didn't treat Nilsen like that.

And Nilsen did not cower in his seat begging to be left alone. He was totally honest with the police from start to finish. He was not ashamed of his actions.

So as a "true" account it is very much wrong and misleading.

"COLD LIGHT OF DAY" (1989, Louise): As a movie

As a movie this isn't too bad. It has a serious and gripping soundtrack, some interesting visuals, and is claustrophobic and grimy. The gore in the film is out there. Bob Flag is okay if you take his character as completely fictional but at times his acting is a bit obvious. Also interesting to see Emmerdale's Claire King in her role.

I wouldn't bother watching it again though.

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