Chitose no itohime



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hilary_mae-912-80561 1 / 10

I couldn't make it through

I couldn't make it past 30 minutes. The princess character is horrid. Grown woman acting like a 3 year old, terrible actress and no need to go into the costumes by K-Mart.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Very low budget period drama

1000 YEAR PRINCESS is a very low budget period drama from Japan, overlong and made on an almost non-existent budget. Unfortunately this makes it something of a chore to sit through despite the best intentions of the writer and director. With a running time of two hours, this features incessant dialogue between multiple characters, lots of characterisation but barely anything in the way of a storyline, and endless tedium. It has effective trappings in terms of costumes and locations but in the end it's nothing more than a bore.

Reviewed by mjkarlin 3 / 10

Aimless, pointless and ultimately offensive

This misbegotten tale of revenge wanders around in a state of confusion until it limps, literally and figuratively, to an ending that will satisfy no one. Princess Ito, her protector Gengo, and her beloved servant Akane, together with the rest of her clan are destroyed by the vicious Uzu. 1,000 years later, in a nondescript Japanese town, the Uzu are still living, although by now barely, on the spoils, respected by all who have forgotten or never knew of their heinous beginnings. Meanwhile Ito and Gengo have been reincarnated as a meek wife and and her nasty abusive husband. The feckless Uzu scion tries to protect Ito, while the rest of the reincarnated members of Ito clan slowly, ever so slowly, gather to plot revenge, of which inexplicably, Gengo wants no part. Still with me? I suppose this set-up had possibilities, but not in the hands of the impoverished script and lumbering direction, not to mention the lugubrious cinematography and a synthesized score which may win a prize for inapposite music. Our heroine turns out to be another hapless victim - for goodness sake, it's 2017 and we might have hoped for a spark of spunk. I kept hoping for the movie to improve, to surprise, to entertain, to touch, just once, but I waited in vain. Instead, astonishingly, the movie tries to justify Gengo's behavior, with a logic that defies humanity.

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