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John Rhys-Davies as Pinky Steuben
Cheryl Ladd as Alma
John Larroquette as Ray Lapine
David James Elliott as Karly Regan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrliteral 4 / 10

Clerks for the retirement least it tries to be

This movie is set in 1994, the year Clerks was released. It takes place mostly in one location, and its characters swear a lot while working behind a cash register and experiencing major life changes over the course of a single day. That's about all it has in common with Kevin Smith's first feature, as it contains none of the charm, wit, or dramatic weight of the earlier film. It has more professional actors, camerawork, editing, and better filmmaking in general, sure -- but nothing all that interesting or important happens, and nothing these characters do makes any sense. They just talk and talk and talk without getting anywhere or learning anything. Nothing changes, no one evolves, and none of the characters relate to each other in a meaningful way...and some of them are super racist for no reason whatsoever! Its themes fall flat, and by the time it's over one is left wondering what the point was...turns out, there wasn't one.

Reviewed by tigerbonewan 8 / 10

Only For Certain People

Old pro John Larroquette is given a tricky Kevin Spacey type role requiring him to convey simmering intelligence, disgust, desperation, impotence and rage and he kills it, in the good way. The whole plot of this film is simply the one work day in a man's life when he is inescapably confronted with the truth that for all his abilities and initial potential, he is a failure. The screenplay and the actor vividly portray the character flaws that have brought him to that moment. But that is all there is here, my friends, and if that doesn't sound like a movie to you, you aren't going to like it, so don't watch it and then complain.

That the film is paced and photographed in a way reminiscent of Rod Serling, with skillfully building tension and suspense, will lead the viewer not getting it into think something very 'big' is going to happen. It does, the main character discovers he's been (figuratively) stabbed in the back, but since no special effects are involved, those viewers will sit there, still waiting.

If you enjoy movies that are mostly just character studies, and you have some interest in or identification with late mid-life crises, you'll probably get something out of this one. It is more than a movie about an actor acting.

Reviewed by caspian1978 5 / 10

Character Development - in Conflict !

With brilliant Actors like John Rhys-Davies and John Larroquette, how can a movie miss? Easily. With that said, Camera Store is one missed opportunity after another. The collection of f-words throughout the movie is evidence of a cast attempting to work with a script with several holes in it. The story-line as well as the character development of the cast both lack substance. The audience finds themselves asking the question: who is the main character of this movie half way through. The first obstacle is to get passed the first 15 minutes of the movie. It's hard to see what the main plot of the movie is until it is too late. Supporting characters come and go and intersect with the central characters, not as comic relief but as part of the overall plot that falls short time and time again. The audience is trapped in a movie that they feel obligated to watch since they are roped into watching. Once we learn of the character's back story, if any, we are left not caring since none of the characters are believable let alone appealing. The idea that every photo has a negative side may be the premise of the movie, but in the end, who cares? Camera Store tries to be something that it is not. Scenes from a Mall, or a real depiction / Cassavetes like story, this movie is not. Much like the movie's poster, the genre is not properly depicted. Looking more like a Spy / Film Noir thriller, Camera Store has elements of comedy, but is far from a comedy. A weird drama type / low budget movie that depicts characters with no beginning, middle or end. In the end, Camera Store tries to be a "hit or miss" movie that is only for a certain type of audience. It is that reason alone that makes Camera Store a miss. Secondly, the motivation of every character in the story is questioned since we are looking at both the positive and negative, the real and the fake sides of the characters. Sounds good on paper, but on film, it's mostly negative.

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