Blutjunge Verführerinnen 3. Teil

1972 [GERMAN]


IMDb Rating 4 10 175

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 6 / 10

delicious sex scenes with Ingrid Steeger, towards the end are of a different order

For the most part the sex scenes are awkward and the links abysmal while the ongoing devise whereby the fat guy provider the lift gets told the various tales adds nothing. However the delicious sex scenes with Ingrid Steeger, towards the end are of a different order altogether and the final potentially gross scene with the very large and ageing forest ranger a thing of wonder. Why couldn't Steeger have just done all the scenes? She is not well supported here and it looks like a case of relying a little too heavily on her ability to carry the film. Still, as I say the film is saved in the last half hour and whilst I never want to see most of this little number again, I am sure I could delight again in that fine reel or two.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 2 / 10

It is pretty desastruous from every perspective

"Blutjunge Verführerinnen 3. Teil" or "Die Blonde mit dem süssen Busen" or "School Girls 7: The Calendar Girls" is a West German / Swiss co-production from 1972, so this one is approaching its 50th anniversary. If you read the name of writer and director Erwin C. dietrich, then you probably know what to expect here, even if he made this film unde ran alias, actually under more than one. Yeah this means it is one of these many many sex comedies from the 1970s here in Germany. Most of them are really bad, very few of them at least have some guilty pleasure material comedy-wise. But this one here not at all. It is a failure from every perspective, every production value. Honestly, it probably never should have gotten made because as the title gives away this is already third and luckily final installment from a series of movies. And it is not less known than the first two. I think it is the longest, even if none of them is really long thankfully and this one here barely makes it past the 80-minute mar. The main character is played by Ingrid Steeger and she is still well-known today for this kind of films, but yeah honestly what can you say, she may be somewhat attractive physically and if I say that as somebody who is not really into blondest, that means quite something, but great range she has not. But she is only in this movie early on and very late, so yeah, it is far from a lead performance or anything. Unless you mean "lead" in the sense of metal as this is what she turns the male genitalia into. In-between there are many other sex scenes and they made sure nothing gets too explicit or graphic that this will not be categorized as "real" porn and fits in with the softcore stuff from that era. And it probably does. I have seen quite a few of these films, also to see why some of them were really successful commercially at the theater, but this one here is really among the least interesting of these. i really need to think for quite a while until something positive comes to mind I can say here. Maybe that from the attraction perspective they took girls of all hair colors: blondes, brunettes, redheads yes there were far more back then than there are today. but even all of these are hardly particularly attractive and that is a deal breaker in a film that delivers in no other field than erotics. And they are certainly not extremely young like the title suggests. Honestly some of them look really wasted which may have had to do with their career in the adult film industry back then, if they were young at all even. I don't know. So quickly summarized: Stories are complete nonsense, acting is not good, the film looks very cheap (quantity over quality), the motobike stunt sequence made no sense at all (what was that) from any perspective and the girls are so attractive that even if you are somewhat horny you would probably check out other stuff while this movie runs in the background. Huge thumbs-down. Definite contender for worst German film of 1972 and it is ridiculous to see movies like this while the great German filmmakers from that era released one quality film after the next. But we speak/spoke about these on another occasions. Watch one of these instead and not this terrible film we have here.

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