Blood Vessel



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Alyssa Sutherland as Jane Prescott
Robert Taylor as Malone
Nathan Phillips as Sinclair
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eddie_baggins 6 / 10

A fun Australian horror

Locally made horror thriller Blood Vessel embraces its concept and kookiness to deliver a fun throwback like experience that is sure to have genre fans excited about the proposition of seeing World War 2 citizens take it to a ship full of bloodthirsty nazi vampires.

Directed by Australian special effects/props guru Justin Dix, Blood Vessel overcomes its low-budget origins and DIY nature to end up as a final product that is both proficient as a spectacle piece and as a moody atmospheric horror that will entertain anyone willing to go along with its insanely over the top and schlocky premise.

Everything about the film is no fuss, Dix wastes little time in introducing us to a group of sea-stranded survivors that includes Nathan Philipp's Australian soldier Nathan Sinclair and Alyssa Sutherland's kindly Jane Prescott as they and their fellow raft members find potential rescue aboard a seemingly deserted Nazi minesweeper, that just so happens to be host to some extra-ordinary cargo that would rather suck your blood than say hello.

Taking it slow for the first part of the survivors searching of the ship and quest to uncover why a ship such as the one they find themselves on is devoid of human life bar a young girl, Blood Vessel eventually goes all out as we and the films group come face to face with the true horrors of what lays in store for them becomes increasingly more apparent.

With some great visual effects and make-up work, a committed cast who all "bite" into their roles, a great set courtesy of a real-life docked ship and an atmospheric score from Brian Cachia, Blood Vessel is a well-rounded package that never tries to do anything outside of its reach and while it fails to go to insanely creative levels of B-grade goodness, it remains a home grown affair that horror buffs can be proud of.

Final Say -

A fun and entertaining Australian made horror, Blood Vessel delivers exactly what its premise promises and has a lot of fun along the way in doing so.

3 neck bites out of 5

Reviewed by kuarinofu 5 / 10

I've had my love/hate relationship with this film

Blood Vessel is one of those films you really want to like, but it's constantly trying to upset you in some way.

The film looks low-budget, but the production was fine, it was immersive enough and it was obvious that the people who made this film cared.

The premise was interesting, and even though the story itself was shallow and eventless, the production design and the Romanian mythology setting were enough to keep me invested up until the anticlimactic ending.

Creature designs were great, but the Strigoi themselves were so boring and incredibly non-menacing. They were never scary or dangerous, and they barely even do anything in the film. If you're paying homage to The Thing, and if your creatures can shapeshift - why not play around that, fool the viewer, make us guess. Why make the story so predictable and lifeless.

My biggest complaint is the characters though. They are very one-dimensional and mostly either annoying or straight-up obnoxious. They introduced a suspiciously diverse set of characters (in terms of their backgrounds), but besides a couple of good line exchanges, this never really comes into play. There is no one to root for, except for the Soviet guy probably, but again, he's a one-dimensional good-guy hero with no flaws. The woman's character was never a character. Other characters just try to beat each other in being the most unlikeable, but the Faraday character always wins.

I didn't really care about the goofs, like the Germans using a British ship, the German soldier locking himself up from inside but later when the Strigoi were locked there they needed to be unlocked from the outside, whatever...

I can appreciate the production quality and care put into the film, but it makes me really sad that in a film about a group of survivors I have absolutely no one I can care about.

Reviewed by StrayFeral 9 / 10

A VERY entertaining vampire horror

I do not watch much modern horrors, as they tend to be very gory and with real bad story lines and/or characters. Especially most vampire movies tend to be so dumb, that when I see "vampire" in a movie description or something similar to a vampire creature in a trailer and I skip the movie. However decided to give this one a try.

It is a vampire movie with a Nazi theme, set during the end of World War II. One bad thing to say about the movie is that it is basically a rip-off of "Aliens" (1986) story line. We have a warship, with few war survivors and some monsters to fight and nobody have nowhere else to go. And there is also a little girl with a doll. Sure, they twisted it a bit, so it's not a complete rip-off, but basically this is what it is.

With that being said, it does not mean it is not worth watching. The characters are cool, the make-up is real good, special effects and costumes are real good too. On top of that, it is not real scary, but the entire time is feels really entertaining. Honestly I've been enjoying it. It was a nice fresh cup of a fairy-tale with a dark twist. And of course, don't get me wrong, with my "Aliens" comparison, it is very far from Ridley Scott's tale, there is not a pinch of that much suspense or horror, but still - I liked it.

I won't reveal spoilers, so you will have something to watch for, but it is a nice movie to watch for the evening.

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