Black Sun


Crime / Music / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 382

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jadavix 8 / 10


Mei is a jazz obsessed petty thief. Sergeant Gil Jackson, an American GI stationed in Japan, kills two of his fellow officers and goes on the run with a bullet in his leg. He holds Mei hostage in his own "home" - a rundown church in which Mei is squatting - and attempts to hide from the military police.

At first Mei is delighted to meet a "negro" and attempts to express this without language. Sergeant Jackson doesn't care. In a fit of anger he kills Mei's dog, and with it, Mei's fantastic view of African Americans. "You can't sing, you can't play trumpet," Mei yells at Jackson, not caring that he won't be able to understand. "You're a slave! An ox!"

Mei seizes the gun and decides to have fun at Jackson's expense. He paints the black man's face white and his own face black. As far as he is concerned, as a rabid Jazz fan he is more black than this uncool, importunate African American. They are able to evade the police who do not notice Jackson's real skin colour, and the GI convinces Mei to take him to the beach where he intends to die. Mei takes them to a quarry beside a junkyard, and when Jackson realises the error, he is so distraught he begins to sing, and Mei at last realises that there is something between himself and the dying man.

Black Sun is a fascinating movie about racial identity that people could still learn a lot from. It features many unforgettable sequences, such as the finale, with Jackson finally escaping tied to a balloon (although it looks a little fake when he is up in the air).

My only reservation is the way the actor speaks. He uses short bursts of dialogue that sound like exhalations. You cannot escape the impression that he speaks English the way people speak Japanese, perhaps due to a language barrier on the set.

All up, however, this is an unseen, under appreciated gem, showing remarkable insight into the civil rights question from a country and culture that did not play a direct role in it. There are many movies about black and white relations, and very few about black and Asian relations. This is one of the very best.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 7 / 10

jazz 'n' Japan

By the 1960s, US popular culture undeniably dominated the western world. Whether it was cinema, TV or music, a person in Canada, western Europe, South Africa, Japan, Australia or New Zealand was probably going to recognize works of art from the United States first and foremost (and due to US domination of Latin America, the people there easily recognized Disney characters).

Which brings us to the plot of Koreyoshi Kurahara's "Kuroi taiyô" ("Black Sun" in English). The protagonist is an itinerant living in a bombed out church. A fan of jazz, the itinerant meets an escaped African-American US troop and tries to connect with him through jazz. But in addition to this being harder than he thinks, we soon get a look at race relations; the US gets shown as a racist society, but is Japan much better? Much like in the US, the dominant race enjoys African-American music, but when it comes to them as people, that's a different matter.

This is the first Kurahara movie that I've seen, and I'd like to see more. This look at look at the underbelly of what was supposed to be an economically miraculous society forces us to question any society. The issue of race relations has become a major issue in the US since George Floyd's murder, so that's a link to the movie.

All in all, I recommend the movie. Impressive story, great soundtrack, and clever cinematography.

Reviewed by ishiidobie 3 / 10

Embarrassingly bad. The dog was lucky.

As a sequel to The Warped Ones, I had hoped for a lot from this film. Oh how wrong I was. Where do I begin? The uninteresting plot which goes nowhere? The poor acting? The illogical actions of the main characters? After seeing The Warped Ones, which was fantastic, I really wanted to like this one. Aside from one very short moment near the end, the still very sexy Tamio Kawaji unfortunately keeps his shirt on for the entire film, unlike in The Warped Ones, where he ran around half naked for 70% of the film. Trust me, give this one a pass. Had the movie died with the dog it might have been a pretty good 15 minute short feature. As it is, the dog was lucky. He did not have to endure the final hour of this film.

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