Area 51


Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 15%
IMDb Rating 4.2 10 13258

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Jolene Andersen as Reid's Sister
Suze Lanier-Bramlett as Jennefer's Mom
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P/S 6 / 19

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 3 / 10

The government should deny this films existence.....

Reid has always been obsessed with UFOs.

While on a weekend trip to Vegas, he convinces two friends to join him on a mission to break into Area 51, where they find terrifying proof of alien presence......

Found footage films, you either love them, or hate the socks off them. Unfortunately, every once in a while there is a really good movie released in this genre. Willow Creek, Exists, The Borderlands, and the V/H/S series are fine examples of how a found footage movie can work..........but there is a slew of rubbish that you have to trudge through to get to the impressive ones.

This falls far into the latter category.

So we have the usual gang of teens that we get in these films, one is always obsessed with the subject matter, and the others, dubious as they are, always go along for the ride, because it's a road trip isn't it?

So we get the usual footage of people driving to desolate areas, where they are confronted by suspicious looking people, they talk to other people with whom are also obsessed with the subject matter, and this happens for the majority of the film, and the first two acts just drag and drag until we finally reach the titular place.

By this time, you couldn't care less with what they discover, and even though the last ten minutes are impressive, both visually and atmospheric, it's too little too late, for the rest of the film is just so boring you lose any interest for the characters, and their quest.

Copies are destined to be buried in the Nevada desert next to E.T.

Reviewed by boadicea-18624 3 / 10

waste of an hour and a half of film

Okay so first off let me just say that I created this IMDb account after watching this movie, just to review it!. My friends and I have been waiting for this movie to come out for a while after first seeing the trailer for it on Facebook, which mind you, was probably scarier than this entire movie. I am a huge fan of alien movies like dark skies, alien abduction etc, and if you share the same interest then I suggest you only watch this movie if you have absolutely nothing else to watch but if you can avoid it, do it. It had some semi scary scenes, maybe a whole 5 minutes of the movie was actually exciting but other than that it was a bunch of 20 something year old, who seemed to know way too much on how to break into various locations on government technology, running around with video cameras. A lot of the story wasn't explained properly, it left me feeling confused and unfulfilled.

Reviewed by phaylen 3 / 10

Extremely Disappointing from the Start

I definitely had higher expectations for Area 51, especially given that Oren Peli had written and directed and reinvigorated the "found footage" genre with Paranormal Activity. I'm a fan of the genre, a fan of the Peli, but this was absolutely abysmal from the very start. The concept could have been extremely engaging and given a unique twist, but it performs and plays out as expected- completely typical and utterly predictable, very poorly acted and nonsensical most of the time. I would have been disappointed even if it were a Direct to DVD or On Demand release. I guess the merits of this film like wholly on "From the writer and director of Paranormal Activity!" However, don't expect the competency which the latter film was delivered. There is very little entertainment value, lines are cut off mid-sentence, and somehow, despite being allegedly filmed with one camera, it switches angles regularly without disrupting other dialog. It places it's weight on technical talk, the late night AM radio conspiracy chatter, but does nothing to actually give the viewer anything to grab on to and immerse themselves in the adventure of these three hormonal boys.

If you'd like to reduce your IQ level or waste your time while sick and just need to say you've seen it, you're better served by searching online for conspiracy videos, which provide far more interesting concepts and, despite being rather extraordinary, manage to entertain, which Area 51 fail to do.

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