April Flowers


Drama / Mystery / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 88

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Celina Jade as April
Keir Dullea as Mr. X
Wai Ching Ho as Future April
Sean Cullen as Fr. Randy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peterandthehare 1 / 10

Sadly, we gave up on this one but okay for fans of genre romance.

This would seem to play as straight-forward genre romance, with the sensibility of a novel of that genre, which I'll admit was not what I was looking for. It doesn't really have much of the "-com"(edy) element, irony or self-awareness or meta sensibility, that we're used to these days.

What I was able to watch before I had to switch off (and in giving it a second chance as I write) had a voice-over peppered-throughout, which unfortunately put what I considered poorly-written dialogue in these segments front and centre. One of my motivations for switching off was a line of dialogue that just sounded grammatically odd, it was an isolated example but underlined, for me, how I wasn't having a good time. The voice over narration is performed in a way that is more in the realm of a stereotypical upper-class British female, and is performed boringly, not unlike the voice of a Smart device, while a whole range of tones, accents and inflections of course exist here in contemporary Britain, so it's a shame that it employs an especially generic performance that has the potential to grate on the ear.

Elsewhere, It has some nice fantasy scenes, and some magical moments achieved within these, (it was stricking to see the main chacter trapped in a bottle by the beach - very effective) but never gets close to "Amelie", which seems to be a touchstone in terms of it's influences. Many will want there to be more to the light "mystery" and a grit to the potential dangers of getting obsessed with someone else's diary, as it encroaches one's real life, which I was hoping to get but it's a film that wants to stay rosy and in the middle ground. It's conversational and is constructed around 2-protagonist revelations as they talk, but we could ask for action to drive the story more.

Don't expect a romcom, but instead a romance, and not a Capital-M Mystery but touches of mystery, because that was the misconception me and my family went into this film with. Fantasy scenes are well done and are intriguing as an element that does succeed in holding the attention. Film should be supported and you should see if it's "your thing", it may well me, and you might love it.

Reviewed by miaaacameron 9 / 10

I love it!

I wasn't going to write a review, but seeing that this is only being represented by one person who didn't like the movie, I feel obligated to. I found this to be an absolutely lovely indie film. It's about love, daydreaming, ideals, coming to acceptance and realizing that what you wanted was right there all along...you were just too busy looking at the outcome to see it. Something that I'm sure we can all relate to, and all of which I, as a 21 year old hopeless romantic girl, have continually struggled with. I see much of myself in April and this movie, so it will now hold a special place in my heart. Obviously I'm biased, but apart from that, I found that all of the aspects of this film were great - especially the little whimsical scenes throughout. Reminds me of an indie American Amélie and being that Amélie is my favorite foreign film, I quite appreciate that. I can see this being a movie that I'll come back to quite often because I think of it dearly. So thank you to everyone involved in this cute, beautifully simple and touching film. Truly.

Reviewed by tiffsolo 9 / 10

Whimsical, yet deep

I loved this film. It's simple and artsy, but also explores some deep themes like romantic ideals and comfortable love. The desire for something extraordinary and the contradicting advice from her friend of settling for "good enough", is something that any hopeless romantic can relate to. April Flowers shows us the real life romance that we neglect right in front of us. So many romance movies give the heroine her knight in shining armor, but not this one. The idealized knight in April's mind (journal owner) ends up clashing with the real life writer of the words she fell in love with. It points out that the romance was within her all along, regardless of the recipient of her obsessive thoughts. I love that April didn't light the journal on fire too, as suggested by Jared. Lighting that journal would be like destroying that romantic light within April, which would have been awful for her character to do. She didn't need to give up on her romantic ideals. She just had to come to terms with romance in 3D reality, stop chasing the outcomes of imaginary love, and focus on the real moments in front of her. Favorite quote: "It occurred to her that she was so intensely focused on the outcome of her choices that she was missing the moments in between, but it's the moments that give meaning to the outcome."

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