Among Wolves

2010 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 6.7 10 924

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Based on actual events about an abandoned boy and filmed on natural sets and colorful outdoors

Glimmer and stunning adaptation based on real facts about Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja , a lost little boy (Manuel Camacho who was Goya nominated for best new actor) against wildlife and dangerous forests . The movie narrates as a seven-years-old boy named Marcos is sent by his parents (Luisa Martin) to live with an old shepherd ( excellent Sancho Gracia , as usual ). Marcos is attacked by a wolf but later befriends . Along the way Marcos encounters a variety of wood animals, including a complete menagerie, as vultures , deers , boars and wolves . However his shepherd preceptor dies and he remains solitary and abandoned to civilization , but the little boy survives and faces down lots of risks , dangers and adventures . There he lived for twelve years since 1953 to 1965 . His only friends were a ferret and the wolves . Meanwhile , a bounty hunter named Ceferino (Carlos Bardem , Javier Bardem's brother) sets off in pursuit a bandit ( Alex Brendemul) who is helped by Marcos ( a 20-years-old played by Juan Jose Ballesta who has a secondary intervention on the half-hour final ), being also chased by a Guardia Civil sergeant ( Antonio Dechent) .

The story focuses 'the fight of a kid against natural environment' . In the picture there are drama , action ,thrills and riveting landscapes dealing with a valiant boy fighting enemies and wildlife . Fascinating outdoors shot in Sierra Morena , Natural Park of Sierra of Cardeña y Montoro . The highlights of the movie are the wolf pack attacks in ¨Felix Rodriguez De La Fuente¨ style and the survival fight of the young boy . Interpretation of actors is top notch , but especially the veteran Sancho Gracia is frankly well . The supporting cast is formed by important secondaries as a gorgeous Dafne Fernandez , Eduardo Gomez , Luis Martin , and the singer Jose Manuel Soto as the Señorito ; all of them in brief roles . Cinematography by Oscar Duran is awesome , like are reflected on the glimmer and breathtaking scenarios . Sensational musical score with emotive leitmotif by Klaus Badelt who has composed soundtracks for super-productions as Gladiator and Pirates of the Caribbean . The picture is well directed by Gerardo Olivares who is an expert filming documentaries . The flick will appeal to natural sets enthusiasts . Rating: 6,5 . Good, worthwhile seeing

Reviewed by dianejbrewer 8 / 10

Great Film!!

I appear to have lost my I am submitting another. I watched this film the other night for the first time and loved every moment of it...It is so easy to follow even if one only speaks English! I hope there is a book out, as it is an exciting story! The little boy and the old man who taught him to survive were fantastic!! But all the actors did a great job and should be proud of themselves..To me its a film worth owning and I hope the parts I loved the best are true,I choose to believe they are..

When the child fell from the trees and broke his hand and the wolves came to his aide was a tear jerker.How lonely this child must of been at the time to exist with only animals as his companions... but with no one telling him he couldn't do something he attempted to fly,this made me chuckle...I could imagine one attempting it as I had niece who stuck feathers on herself and tried to fly off the garage.. I loved the scenery, it was indeed magnificent at times. I am glad Marcos returned back in 2010...he must of felt he was home again!! I am sure this story will be passed down from one generation to another.....Well done to all who were involved!

Reviewed by miemiliofantasma 7 / 10

The real story of a feral kid in Europe during the 50's

To start the review of this movie, one has to stress that it is based on a real story, a story so extraordinary that fits the "Truth is stranger than fiction" quote. In the dark years of Spain's post Civil War, in a poor and forgotten rural area, a small kid called Marcos was sold by his father to a shepherd, who taught him the basics of survival in nature, dying shortly later. Marcos became then a feral kid, establishing links with animals that still leave zoologists in astonishment.

A pack of wolves became his family. A snake he raised saved his life. And no: it is not a Pixar movie with cute "humanized" animals that speak and dance, they are real experiences.

Marcos remembers his childhood in the wild as the happiest period in his life, and his "rescue" by human society as confuse as humiliating.

Thankfuly, someone finally thought such a story deserved to be told as a movie. And unluckily, I wish it had been Spielberg who had done it, because despite of having the best of scripts already written by reality, it is only highly advised for people who love zoology and is interested in nature, as the situations in the movie are 100% real (furthermore: the director and scriptwriters found impossible to include the complete relationship of Marcos with the whole pack, his personal story with each one of the wolves, reducing it to his link with one wolf).

I am happy that the director has not fallen in easy Disney-like sentimentalism when picturing the life of Marcos in the wild. But in my opinion, considering the story, this movie could have been much better, it could have been breath-taking.

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