All the Wrong Spies

1983 [CN]

Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 135

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yadavanita-18093 7 / 10

A really enjoyable Brigitte lin film that every fan will like.

All the wrong Spies(1983) is a kind of non related sequel to Tsui Hark's 1981's All the wrong Clues, which is somehow even more enjoyable and funny than the first. The Addition of Brigitte lin made the film even more better and allowed the newly Popular Great Tsui Hark to continue on his path of success which will be even more prominent in the coming decades for both Lin and Hark. This slapstick comedy, is a comedic take on Casablanca(1942) and in some amounts To Catch a Thief(1955)(the cat burglar), and delivers well in both comic timing and narrative ; considering the viewer is not to picky about perfection. In all it is a great film to enjoy allowing us to view the early performance of brigitte lin previously her incoming immense stardom in Hong Kong Cinema. Teddy robin (the small Cop) and George Lam(yoyo Detective) have also given good performance like the previous film. A light comedy, enjoyable by everyone.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Superior sequel

This is the sequel to ALL THE WRONG CLUES FOR THE RIGHT SOLUTION, made two years after the first film. Tsui Hark has departed as director, although he appears in a supporting role here (as a Japanese character called Hiroshima, no less!). Diminutive co-star Teddy Robin Kwan takes over the directorial reins and the end result is a film that's a big improvement on the first. The comedy comes faster and funnier than before and the film's simple Macguffin allows plenty of time for silly chases, juvenile sketches, and the usual randomness you find in Hong Kong cinema. George Lam's straight man is goofier and better than before, too, and given strong support by the likes of Paul Chun as the traitor villain and a bevy of glamorous starlets, including Brigitte Lin.

Reviewed by vonboise 6 / 10

Charlie Chaplin and the Keystone Cops visit China

Stolen Nazi atomic bomb secrets are in hot demand. Meant to be delivered to an American spy, they end up with a Chinese collaborator who intends to give them to the Japanese. A private detective (George Lam) is hired to insure delivery to the American. Brigitte Lin is his ex-girlfriend who is now with the collaborator.

Comedy is what comedy does and this movie didn't do it for me. The film is pure corn and slapstick all the way through. My partner laughed continuously while it was all I could do to stay awake. Don't remember seeing anything original, as the gags seemed to be copied or reworked from earlier movies. An example is when Lam, hired to pass along atomic secrets, stops to pour a glass of milk. He spends a minute (seemed like an eternity) pouring from a large full pitcher into a small glass, only to end up with an empty glass.

On the positive side this movie has Brigitte Lin. I found myself paying much more attention after she appeared wearing a black form fitting outfit. A welcome addition and with a different leading actor this could have been a much better movie. She dominated each scene she appeared in......especially the ones where she used a whip.

This movie may not be for everyone, but you can't go wrong if you enjoy a heavy mix of silliness with your comedy. Also, this movie is a must for Brigitte Lin fans. Besides being a joy to watch, she seemed to be having tremendous fun cutting loose. I've never seen her laugh or smile so much in a movie.

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