All Roads Lead Home


Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 741

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Katherine McNamara as Fair Goer
April Bowlby as Natasha
Jason London as Cody
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jfranklinbradley 10 / 10

Defining Family Entertainment...perhaps re-defining.

All Roads Lead Home – Review By: J. Franklin Bradley, LBK Holdings, Inc.

True "family entertainment" is far more than just something everyone in the family can watch together. If done correctly, "family entertainment" is characters and situations that can be felt and understood by all generations…nicely blended into a compelling bit of storytelling that captures the imagination of it's audiences.

Just such a movie is "All Roads Lead Home", a little film with a really big payoff for its audiences. Each character adds a piece to the mosaic, from a cantankerous grandfather to his rebellious granddaughter, her father and his struggles with parenting, guilt and trying to move on with his life. Each has a differing view of their shared tragedy, yet no resolution can be found until they fight off the demons of mistrust, misunderstanding, stubbornness and resentment. Together, these characters form a wonderfully complicated mosaic, never fully revealed until the last piece is put into place.

Audiences of all ages will be mesmerized by this film. For it is a journey through life's complications, with every age and viewpoint represented. There truly is something for everyone in "All Roads Lead Home". And that "something" is a heart-warming story that proves that "family entertainment" really can reach out and hold an audience from the first to the last word of the script. Its storytelling at it's best. And it shouldn't be missed.

Reviewed by tallerthinner 6 / 10

Good film, with reservations

****** SPOILERS !!! ******

I rented this film and watched it with my teenage daughter. Overall good, with many issues that are food for discussion. I won't repeat those here.

My problems have to do with portraying the rancher and his help as barbaric. It's one thing to humanely cull animals that are not useful, or too sick and expensive to be cost-effective to keep. This would have been distressing enough for a tender-hearted city girl.

When it came to (apparently) drowning unwanted puppies, though, I began to wonder if I was watching a propaganda film for a certain animal- rights group. This is NOT, in my experience, typical behavior for a livestock operation, it's also illegal, and the girl should have called the law on 'em.

Reviewed by spfeiffr 3 / 10

It's a shame this was Peter Boyle's last film

I saw this movie at my girlfriends aunt's place this past weekend, and I must say that it was an all around bad film. It had potential to be a decent to good family film about dealing with tragic loss for both father and daughter, but in stead it came across as a thinly veiled animal rights advert. Even the music was poorly handled, the sound track seemed to range from schmaltzy hallmark commercial stuff to over the top and melodramatic, not to mention that it was actually edited into the film poorly(at some points the music almost drowned out the dialogue), which pulls the viewer out of the film and probably only hurt the acting which was already on life support.

The story itself seemed altogether forced, the mother dies at the beginning because she needs to reach something in the back seat, so she unbuckles her seat belt and stops watching the road. I was left feeling less bad about the mother dying and more thinking that she stupidly risked her husband and daughters life as well as other nearby motorists just to do something irrelevant. Why not have the car get plowed into by a drunk driver who runs a red light or something else equally tragic and realistic?

***SPOILER*** There were also these sub-plots about this tainted animal feed and the decision to put down this little girls favorite dog on the ranch which didn't seem to serve any purpose other than to waste time. And then there was the part where Peter Coyote orders one of his ranch hands to DROWN A LITTER OF PUPPIES, seriously that's the kind of thing they put in bad Stephen Segal movies to make the bad guy even more evil.

Finally, and this is just a nitpick, but Jason London looked like he belongs on the sex offender registry with his greasy looking hair and scraggly goatee.

All around I was left thinking that the biggest tragedy wasn't the little girls mothers death, but that this would stand as the last film in Peter Boyle's otherwise remarkable career. Fortunately for him, unlike Raul Julia in Street Fighter, most people won't remember this movie.

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