All American Bikini Car Wash


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 3.3 10 1061

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February 27, 2016 at 01:38 AM


Mindy Robinson as Tracy
Erika Jordan as April
Kayla Collins as Kelly
Ana Foxx as Bikini Interview Girl 1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lie-to-me-trump-again 8 / 10

Love nature?

And the beauty of women? Watch this (ignore the father).

It is a comedy with some hard bodies.


Reviewed by HappyDaysinHell 1 / 10

Possibly the worst film i've ever seen

I've a soft spot for the sort of films this tries to ape, puerile teen movies with questionable scripts and pop rock soundtracks (American Pie, Road Trip etc). This is by far the worst I've ever seen.

Direction that makes George Lucas look Kubrickian.

The writing is so poor, thatat one point in the 90 minute soft focus soft porn boob shot, a character actually utters something to the effect of 'nudity is fine, in context'. I'm adlibbing a little because i've scrubbed this from my mind already. My first review on IMDb, and already i'm hoping for better.

Reviewed by Clever Minx Los Angeles 8 / 10

Something for everybody over age 18. Both men and women behaving badly!

This is a funny and fun movie for both men and women. From the title, it looks a bit sexist, and it is full of girls wearing bikinis, but truly, none of them seem to mind, and there is not an atmosphere of exploitation. Well, there's a wink at how bad it is running a bikini car wash, but it's balanced out by the love interest, Brittany (Ashley Park), who is taking a feminist film class and questions it all throughout the movie. If you are all about girls washing cars in bikinis, you will get your fill of that and some sexy sex scenes too- there are tasteful and funny sex scenes, but it also has a plot, setting, and great music. The characters are original and funny, esp Vex (Jason Lockhart) the side kick to mild mannered and lovable lead character Jack (Jack Cullison). The scenario of a house full of partying college students desperate to hook up, and also desperate to make a buck is a recurring theme in American sex comedies, and yet, it doesn't get old for college aged students who seem to love to see it- All American Bikini Car Wash feels more like a hip TV series than a film- you can imagine it in several episodes. Viewers who enjoy movies like American Pie, and Something About Mary, will like this movie. I liked the fact that the girls get theirs too- they are on the make and after some fun as much as the boys. There are plenty of happy endings in this movie. If you don't take it too seriously, you might just have some fun.

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