Alice in Wonderland


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 129106

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Thurl Ravenscroft as Card Painter
Sterling Holloway as Cheshire Cat
J. Pat O'Malley as Walrus / Carpenter / Dee / Dum
Marni Nixon as Singing Flowers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonconnormustlive-46298 10 / 10

Amongst my personal fav Disney films

In 1951 Walt Disney and co. Surprised the masses by opting to adapt Lewis Carroll's hallucinogenic mind-trip Alice in Wonderland into an animated feature film. More surprising still is great it turned out to be.

Alice in Wonderland follows our young heroine bored of her monotonous everyday lessons. She spots on odd looking White Rabbit and follows it into a hole, she falls into Wonderland, a world of nonsense. She finds herself lost and surrounded by a cast of bizarre and puzzling characters.

Alice in Wonderland is top notch entertainment. The animation is gorgeous, even 67 years later. The music is perfect, every song is great and memorable. The characters are brilliant. Cheshire Cat, Mad hatter, March Hare, The Dodo Bird, the list goes on and on. Every character is fun and memorable. This film is also filled with plenty of fun and quotable lines. I find that I quote fun lines from this film more then any other Disney film.

On top of that they weave her hallucinogenic trip into an important life-lesson for children to learn.

Personally I find this to be a perfect piece of animation.

Reviewed by Sherrill777 5 / 10

Not my favorite Disney Animated movie, but not bad

The Bad:

There's very little in terms of cohesive story in this movie. The "plot" seems to simply be a series of strange short stories loosely connected. And the stories themselves are random bits of confusing nonsense. For people who enjoy abstract art, this may be enjoyable, but I don't particularly care for it. It also doesn't exactly stick close to the original book. Finally, I'd say the songs are mostly (with a few exceptions) forgettable.

The Good:

This is definitely a creative work. Probably as close to a dream-made-cartoon as you can get. The film is crammed full of memorable characters – from the Cheshire Cat, to the Queen of Hearts, to the White Rabbit. This movie also has the potential to invoke a lot of different emotions – sadness at the fate of the oysters; admiration and disgust at the flowers; frustration with the various direction-givers...

The Mom view:

This isn't a "feel good" movie. It's not a sad movie, but you don't come away feeling like anyone learned anything, that anything was resolved, or that any new relationships formed. It was more like a bunch of animated shorts strung together with a repeating protagonist. I appreciate it as being original and very unique, and one that might find favor with kids who have a huge imagination. But it is kind of intense at times and definitely not for kids who need a concrete story-line. So I wouldn't go out of my way to have my kids see this while they are very young, but rather wait until perhaps later elementary level and view it as more a piece of art than a fun adventure. Not my favorite Disney animated movie, but not horrible either.

Reviewed by williamarthurwatson 4 / 10

Good Animation...But Very Hard to Watch

Alice in Wonderland is a film that looks very good. Anyone who watches a single scene from this movie on its own can't help but be impressed. But watching it from beginning to end is another matter. Alice is likable enough as she longs to find a world of her own but as soon as she goes down the rabbit hole things go wrong for the viewer as well as Alice. I think the problem is this: The movie presents a parade of characters using wordplay and songs meant to show how clever it is to twist logic into (sort of) funny verses. As soon as Alice leaves one lunatic she immediately encounters another. The Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, The Dodoo, and the Cheshire Cat are all just variations on the weird stranger that one shouldn't trust. To be fair I think something always gets lost in every film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Most of us don't watch movies the way that we read books and this book in particular seems incapable of being translated to film. Consider that Frank L Baum's similar story, The Wizard of Oz, worked a lot better in 1939 because Dorothy had the advantage of meeting a few nice (if strange) characters that stuck up for her. There is a bitter truth about Alice in Wonderland. The notion that the world is full of crazy adults who aren't very helpful in a crisis (and one or two may even want to cut off your head) sadly rings true of our human condition. But watching a little girl learn that lesson for an hour and fifteen minutes is just not very pleasant, even if there are one or two catchy songs along the way.

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